Has anybody ordered from

    This site has an item that I'm after for £10 cheaper than anywhere else, but I've never heard of them before and the price seems too good to be true! There are no reviews on HUKD for them so I thought I'd ask you guys for some advice! Cheers


    Cant find much on them, but based on this i would avoid them.In retrospect
    the negative feedback seems to be for,but the lack of positive feedback for either
    would stop me from risking using them personally.…ge1

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    Thanks Dellboy - I didn't have a good feeling about them but thought I'd ask - andywedge seems to have posted a few deals from them but without a reference I'll keep my credit card details to myself lol!

    Cheers for the reply - appreciate it

    I work for and we are genuine.

    Would be interested to know which product you've spotted, though, in case we've got the price wrong!


    Ordered a product from them, didn't receive it, inquired at customer service, they said give it a few days. Still nothing, made multiple inquiries and received no response. To date, I'm out the money and have received no product. Do not use these guys.
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