has anybody ordered this from woolworths?

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Found 2nd Dec 2010
I placed an order yesterday through woolworths and paid via pypal for the vintage liverpool top thats on offer. After not receiving confirmation e-mail have logged into my woolworths account to find the order isnt there yet had a receipt from paypal saying payment has been made. Ive just rang woolworths and they said they have had alot of problems with web orders and i need to contact paypal to request the money back! WHAT A JOKE I'M NOT HAPPY. Just thought would let you guys no so you can all check your orders.

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oh and it gets better, as woolworths have recieved the money i cant put a claim in for it back for 7 days paypal have just told me.

If the money went through then woolworths can reverse it cant they?

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If the money went through then woolworths can reverse it cant they?

the woman i spoke to said they didnt receive it. She said its happened to loads of people last night and this morning.

Just ran gain i have to wait for a call back in the next 48 hours from the team that are dealing with it. Its a complete joke.
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i ordered from them, paid through paypal,two weeks later they then said my item was wrongly priced, it was 4 weeks before they refunded my money.

Hi nkje saw your post in the Crown Paints shirt thread. I've had my own problems with Pay Pal this week. I bought a couple of items on eBay on Sunday night. Attempted to pay for them straight away only for both of my PayPal acounts to tell me they'd suddenly been "randomly selected" for extra security checks.

Both my accounts, for no apparent reason, had basically been suspended until I "verified" them. Thing is I'd already verified one of them six months previously by going through the exact same telephone call back procedure they were asking me to undertake yet again.

I had to let them ring me up on a landline then punch into the phone a four figure code which they'd previously displayed to me on screen. I did that but they still weren't satisfied. Next I had to let them place two small payments (totaling less than £1) into my bank account, then check my bank account SEVERAL days later and confirm the exact total of these amounts.

In the meantime I had three eBay sellers who I'd bought these items off all waiting for their payments and myself risking negative feedback strikes from them for not being able to pay on time! Fortunately, or so I thought, I was able to lend my girlfriend's PayPal account to pay for the goods but then two days later I got a screaming phone call from her telling me I'd caused her to go overdrawn at her bank because of it!

Furthermore I also sell items on eBay and not only is the risk of negative feedback from items I've been unable to pay for a slur on my reputation as a seller but I'm also unable to claim payments people have paid me for stuff I've sold them. But in the meantime they still expect to send the items don't they!

OK if they really do have to undergo these extra security checks then why does one of the checks have to be a check I'd already successfully been though and why can they not at least give me some kind notice before it happens so I sort things out before my accounts get frozen?

Basically eBay and PayPal really do not care about their customers.
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grrr so this is why i havent had my shirt. i could have just paid but figured it was quicker to paypal.

now im going to lose out on a shirt.

Bought last night, delivered this morning. Fantastic service

Same happened to me. No contact at all from Woolworths. Money taken on 1 Dec, still no refund. This is the second time this has happened.

If I did not contact them, they would never have issued a refund. I have lodged a paypal dispute and expect interest on top of the sum paid. They are a joke. I am also passing the info onto BBC Watchdog because this kind of thing always happens with my orders from the shop direct group, and it's not on.
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