Found 28th May 2009…8-1

The reviews are hilarious!!!

Sorry if I am slightly outdated and this has been posted way back but I just wanted to share the comedy with everybody!


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Seriously Though
Who Would Pay 15 Quid For it?


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I just love the reviews " I call mine hank"!

maybe someone who watches 'flight of the conchords' would buy it as it is similar to some of the clothing on there.

I bought this for £28 because of that reason ]http//ww…487


LolSeriously ThoughWho Would Pay 15 Quid For it?


who are these manly people then

i'm a wolf fan but well they must be in a whole world of their own! well actually we all know they are bless them

day release might be a reality one day:whistling:

Lol made me spit my drink out lol


This seems strangely familiar: … This seems strangely familiar:

Thats's where I'd heard about it, I knew I had somewhere.... :thumbsup:

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Sorry I am on a one week satellite delay
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