Has anybody shopped at m and m direct?

Posted 18th Apr
I’m looking to buy a high end shoe and came across m and m direct which sells the shoe for much cheaper..
Are they safe to buy from?
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Yes they're fine, been going for years.
Been going for years with them, but have to stop. They very often sent you wrong item, or used item ( specifically shoes). So be very careful. Read truspilot how many people get same trouble. Very hard to fight with m&m and prove you received wrong item. Customer service a nightmare.
Iv been using them for years. Never had a problem. I’d recommend.
Yes, legit site that offers branded cheap clothing.
Treat yourself and buy 2
OK if OP means mandmdirect.com/ but not OK if OP is looking at any other similar URL.
Used them for years - always been good.
Returns are not free though.
Used for years and never had an issue
They're legit.
nannafish4 h, 24 m ago

Returns are not free though.

They are if you buy their delivery service for 12 months
You have to pay though so not free.
nannafish1 h, 59 m ago

You have to pay though so not free.

It's free returns if you pay via Paypal click.
Perfectly fine, used them many times over the years.
Thank you to everyone that commented, did make the purchase
they sell the quality control rejects
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