has anybody signed up to that ''?

    is it ligit or a scam? just been on and it looks well weird :s


    you pay to make bids on a item (and the final price if you win it), its legit but a bit of a mugs game i think

    EDIT: thats it as i understand it anyway steer weel clear

    Stay clear imo .........a load of tosh !

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    ill just stick to ebay then . . . lol

    Never known anyone to actually win an auction off there


    probs cost you double the retail price by the time you win

    Just like gambling, but the odds aren't in your favour. I would personally call it a scam, but I suppose if people are too stupid to realise the likely outcome when they start paying for bids then more the fool them.

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    lol just seen this ad on TV ...

    you can sometimes get "free bids" but i wouldn't bother tbh !

    i won from a similar site over a grand worth of stuff for around £3-400. The trick is to find a new site with a low member base, then go crazy, you win some you lose some.

    This site probably has 1000's of users so you wont stand a chance.

    either that or stack up on red bull ( other energy drinks are available ) and bid at about 3am ....

    Pretty much the same as scratchcards or the lottery. You put your money in, you might get something back. It's all down to chance and the odds aren't in your favour unless you put in significant amounts (and even then you might get nothing). Bloke in front of me at the newsagents the other day had £80 worth of lottery numbers (syndicate I assume) and got nothing back - not even a tenner!
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    Even though its legit, i like to call it Scambid. The advert makes me laugh, it looks like they went on google images to find people holding ipods, tvs etc.

    Its legit, but its not an auction site its more of a raffle ticket/lottery scheme
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