Has anybody used or had contact with ASHADEGREENER, a free solar panels firm, I would appreciate any advice,before I go any further with them

Found 24th Feb 2015
Just received a leaflet through the door regarding solar panels, have checked their website, however I would value some feedback from anybody who has used them. Thanks in advance
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probably best to read small print on what happens if you ever want to sell your house within the contract period, this would effect your house value.

Q. Some people say it won’t be possible to get a mortgage or re-mortgage o … Q. Some people say it won’t be possible to get a mortgage or re-mortgage on properties that have your panels. A. This myth is born of selective reporting by some journalists. The leases of some ‘Rent a Roof’ schemes do not comply with the Council of Mortgage Lenders Guidelines, and these could cause future problems for their customers. Our Lease does comply with the Guidelines and our in-house solicitor and Legal Director, Anne Emmerson, was actually consulted by the CML when they were compiling the Guidelines. Many of our customers’ homes have already been sold with our free systems in place without any problem whatsoever. We have the agreement of every major mortgage provider that they will give their consent to our installations. We have also had confirmation from these mortgage providers that having our system installed would not stop a homeowner from raising a mortgage on a property or for re-mortgaging purposes. In fact, some of our customers who have had remortgages since having our system installed found the process much quicker than normal because we put them in touch with our established contacts within the legal departments of the relevant mortgage providers. Our legal department will assist with this type of thing.

They rent your roof from you and it does have to be taken into consideration by banks when someone comes to buy your house.
While it might comply with guidelines it still is something extra for them to consider making it a slower process.
Something to consider if you plan on selling in the next 10 years or so.


Q. Will we own the panels?A. No, not initially, we retain ownership, … Q. Will we own the panels?A. No, not initially, we retain ownership, however, at the end of the FIT Scheme under the terms of the Agreement with the homeowner we will agree to leave the panels on the property in perpetuity (i.e. forever – for the life of the panels) so that the owner of the property can continue to benefit from them or benefit from any tariffs that may be in place at that time, without having to pay anything.

As long as they retain owner ship they are renting your roof.

You really need to thoroughly read the T&C's if you decide to look into them more.
thanks, will do some more research.
Rent a roof solar panels is a gd idea in principle, but they get the government subsidy and any sale back of electricity generated
Never buy or contract with anybody that approaches you, be it through the letter box or via other means.
I have A Shade Greener panels had them 18 months ago great company save loads on electric bill very good contract would highly recommend them look them up on Facebook . Some times people have said it takes a while to take the scaffolding down but this has not been my experience they are also the only company that are recommended by Martin Lewis site.
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Save loads on electricity? do you have storage batteries? or are you in all day?
Use a proper local business rather than these double glazing type sales companies. The installation will still be a ridiculous cost, all paid for by our taxes.
I have solar panels but we bought ours rather than 'rent a roof' as those schemes took all of the FIT payment from the government. We make 2k a year on the FIT payments and do save on electricity but you have to be at home to use it in the day.
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