Has anybody used the site 'ilovemyghd' to buy anything?

    I would like to buy a ghd hair straightner and have found a good price for the genuine article on the site, ilovemyghd. Before i buy them i just wanted to know if anyone has used this site before and if so are theyany good? Thanx in advance.


    If you have a look, you'll find they don't list any contact details (which is illegal). There's no phone number, email address or address.

    I would avoid them. They certainly don't look legit to me!



    buy them from a well known place, i personally wouldnt use that site

    Try [url][/url] - They're a legit site and seem to have the best offers.

    I bought something today from them and now looking into it i think it was mistake, should have done what you did first!!! Can i ring up and cancel the payment in the morning do u think?? Or is the damage already done??
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