Has anyone a good remedy for dry scalp, I think may be caused by hair dye?

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Found 21st Dec 2010
As title really. My daughters scalp is all a bit scabby at front of hairline, whats the best thing to use on it?

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Any of the medicated shampoos. If you don't see an improvement see doctor. DON'T let your daugher die her hair again until cleared up as she could have a reaction. It may well be Psoriasis though and you can get a special shampoo from doc if it is.

water! this will give you a wet scalp!!


Try Nizoral Shampoo.

I suffer with Psoriasis on my scalp , i would recommend that you see a doctor to find out what it might be , also i have found ALPHOSYL shampoo to work very well for me , do go to your doctors to be safe as Psoriasis needs to be kept under control as best as possible,good luck and hope your daughter doe's not have Psoriasis!!!

There was a news article this year or last claiming that coal tar, which is the active ingredient in a lot of psoriasis shampoos including T/Gel that I used to use, is carcinogenic. Still smells nice though

Is it a bit red?

If so it may be psoriasis and i'd get to the doctor as it can be a bit embarrassing if it spreads further than the hairline.

Vasaline or olive oil really good for dry skin, olive oil on scalp at bedtime, vasaline around hair line

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Rub a load of moisterizer in your hair and scalp if your not going out. Leave it in as long as you can.


Olive oil.

tea tree i use, few drops in yr normal shampoo is a cheaper version than buying special stuff, i suffer from bad scalp condition and it really help, also eculiptus in yr shampoo to,
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