Has anyone actually received many freebies?

Everyone loves a freebie...:)

Just wondering if anyone has received many freebies? Ive been here a month now and have signed up for plenty...cant tell you how many, but most i have not received and looking at various threads seems im not alone?

so far i have got:

personalised mesh cards
sachet of pantene shampoo
o2 sims
avery labels
post bags

whats been your best freebie???????


I have only recived a perfume sample out of who knows how many places I signed up with, didn't even get my o2 cards, tho in the past I've had them.

Received 3 razors, fudge (smallest piece of fudge ever!), condoms, flap jacks (v.tasty). Plenty of things have never appeared though.


Loads, mainly smellies, cosmetics etc.

also got tools for hoses, the odd book etc

Original Poster

yeah seems to be the case, maybe the promo's have finished, or just a marketing scam on alot of them? strange

I used to sign up to near enough anything and everything with any remote relevance or interest to me!

SIM cards, chocolate, aftershave/perfume samples - anything I could get my hands on really!

The reason, I just love getting post! Makes me feel popular and important!

Haven't "ordered" any freebies of late, maybe I should start again!

o2 SIMs were the biggest earner for a while with 100% profit!! lol.

Got loads of PAYG phone cards from Virgin, O2, Orange, Vodafone etc, don't know what I'll do with them all - Ebay maybe? But the Virgin ones are quite good, they're loaded with £5 to start you off. Had handcream, facecream, shavers, cat food, just bits and pieces and usually a coupon of some sort included.:santa:

Managed to get the Bourne Ultimatum book for free.
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