Has anyone any experience with Game customer service ???

Found 15th Nov 2008
I've been trying all morning to get through to Game customer services without success and at 10p/minute I gave up. I pre-ordered the Guitar Hero World Tour package from them for my kids, which was released yesterday which included "free express delivery...."- and I expeceted to recieve it on the day of release. I recieved the free wired guitar but the rest wasn't even despatched until Fri night. I've tracked the delivery on the ParcelForce website and it's stuck in their Manchester depot - presumably for delivery on Monday.
Has anyone else experienced delays in delivery and am I right in expecting delivery on the day of release ???
Just sounding off via HUKD I guess as I've got three disappoined boys who were looking forward to a weekend full of rockin' and are now hassling their Dad to do something about it ! ! ! ! And he's gettin all frustrated coz Game won't answer the bl00dy phone ! ! ! !
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go on to the website [url]www.saynoto0870.com[/url] and find their local rate phone number by clicking 'search' on top left, will save no end in high cost call such as this, save it to your faves, i use it all the time.

Dont give up trying the swines!
When my bro had a problem with them (they sent the PS3 version of the game, even though the receipt and emails clearly showed he ordered the 360 version) he was furious because the game arrived on saturday morning (a day after release even though he paid a higher price to order through them because they generally arrive a day or 2 early from Game) and then it was the wrong version.

He had a broken leg at the time and after travelling down to the busy highstreet store, he was told that they can't swap the game because he doesn't have proof that he ordered the game because it was the wrong version. :x
He couldn't believe it, he had the receipt and the game was still sealed and the bewildered staff were shaking their heads when the manager told my brother that she appreciates that he came all the way down on crutches but they still couldn't resolve there own error because it would "muck up there stock take".

We were informed that we had to contact the 0845 number but they're closed over the weekend, so he's probably going to have to wait a week for them to receive the game and get a replacement.

I always assumed Game had good customer services but on this experience, I was completely shocked and know they won't resolve there own errors.
Same happened to me - received the free guitar and nothing else. Rang up yesterday, and was told it hadn't been posted yet, and I'd get it some time next week.

When I said I had pre-ordered and been emailed saying it would be with me on release day, I was just told they are "genetic" emails, and the demand for the item was high.

They're not bothered in the slightest.

Cancelled my order, and had to send the guitar back myself...

Wouldn't use again
go to saynoto0870.com and it'll tell you the local number
The number is 01256 784024
Customer services menu
Switchboard: 01256 784000
p/o Game Group
Also for: 0870 7502743, 0870 7502741, 0870 7502747 & 0871 2003436
phone number still works a treat. :thumbsup:

Had a voucher for £5 off as price had dropped on a game from pre order to dispatch. Game refund the difference but only give you 14 days to spend it on there website. You can't transfer it to any other pre order game and No alternative will be offered. I complained and got them to put it on my reward card. Result.

I'm sure plenty of others will be in the same situation.
I used to work at GAME. I once had to call Customer Services for a customer to sort out a giftcard error. I sent them away because it was going to take "a while". I was on hold for 1hour and 13 minutes on the store phone getting paid to do it. Madness.

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