Has anyone any vouchers for days out in Stoke - Monkey Forest, Waterworld and Trentham Gardens

    I am looking at going to these 3 places and was wondering if anyone has any links for any offers. I have the NOTW free child place for Monkey Forest.
    Thank you for all your help


    Do you have any tesco vouchers, i am going to monkey forest and using mine

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    Hadn't thought of looking. Might do this if I go next week. Was hoping to go today but the weather is pants.
    Might go tomorrow if it's nicer. Have you been before? Any good?

    there is a good travel inn just at the entrance to Trentham Gardens They are pretty good on prices for a family room

    I havent been yet. I was supposed to go yesterday but have been ill so put it off until next friday. I have tesco vouchers lying around so i thought i could use them up on there. I have been told it is good in the M Forest and someone else said it isnt worth going into Trentham Gardens. So maybe just pay to go in the Monkey Forest

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    Thanks to all, rep given. I don't need to stay over but thanks for the info, I have been to Trentham Gardens before and to be honest found it expensive and not much to do ( not really into all that, only went for the MIL), the shopping village is really good though


    If you are going anywhere near the stadium, pop into the Holiday Inn Express. They have a stand of all those 'days out' leaflets that you can help yourself to. They always have vouchers on the back of them, worth a try :thumbsup:
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