Has anyone been to Crete?

    Hi all,
    I am looking at a wee holiday in Crete. Has anyone been?

    How was the weather when you were there?
    Are the people friendly?
    Was it expensive?
    Would you go back?

    Thank you.


    i went a few years ago staying in Malia. VERY rough. lots of armed police (possible because there was some big football on at the time).
    Wouldn't go back. Mainly suited to single sex groups (we went as young couples).
    Weather nice. Similar to corfu clubbing areas etc.

    Original Poster

    Rough, really? I never imagined it to be like that. Compairing to Corfu doesn't make it sound that appealing! TY.

    I went to Stallis which is just down the road from Malia and it was a nice place. weather was fine, we went in the last week of May. Restaurants done my head in with constant touting for your custom (worst place i have ever been for this). Hersonisos is just a short taxi trip away and that was ok as well.

    its expensive now anywhere in Greece,and given the current unrest,flash strikes being called all over by air traffic control,public service workers etc,I wouldnt go there this summer.

    most of the trouble has been on the mainland so far but it just doesnt look worth the risk to me.

    Malia is the clubbing area so i wouldnt imagine all of crete is like this.
    I had the pleasure of watching people threw up, pee and get jiggy from my balcony! lol.

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    The touts can be a pain in the butt! I just pretend I don't speak a the english.

    I was wondering if it is worth the risk or not Barky...I have not been to Greece, but came across Crete while looking, and some of it did look good. Right enough, being Scottish, anywhere with some sun looks good!

    I don't think I'd be too bothered about watching people getting jiggy with it

    I went to Malia a few years back with the girlfriend. We went in the middle of September, so there weren't really any club 18-30 type things going in. I actually found it really good, the clubs were open but not overly busy, we spent most of our time in bars having a quiet drink....

    we've been to a place called elounda a few times, its a pretty small fishing town on the north coast, theres plenty of restaurants and bars but no clubs, the locals are very friendly and dont hassel you that much for custom, its very picturesque. We drive through malia on the way there and that place looks awful.


    How was the weather when you were there?
    depends when you go - gets dodgy from oct to march
    Are the people friendly?
    yep - when u have cash on the hip
    Was it expensive?
    yes - but so is all of europe these days
    Would you go back?
    go every year


    basically, anywhere but Malia is great

    we prefer chania area (Agia Marina / Amerida)

    rethymnon is way too busy with traffic

    would love to go to elifonissi so might drive down there in september when we next go…=wi

    Depends what you are looking for and what your budget is. I stayed at Chania and loved it. Locals were friendly and the harbour was the place to eat.. Fresh fish etc.. I used the local bus service to get to Knossos

    Have a look at
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