Has anyone been to Spain on a STAG?? suggestions/ideas please??

Found 30th Jan 2008
Hi all,

My mate wants to do his stag in spain but not sure where the best place to is to go??

any suggestions ideas will be appreciated ?
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depends whether it is a typical lads lads stag party and he wants a last fling, or if it's just some guys chilling before his marriage..

depends whether it is a typical lads lads stag party and he wants a last … depends whether it is a typical lads lads stag party and he wants a last fling, or if it's just some guys chilling before his marriage..

OMG... Do men really have 'last flings'?????

OMG... Do men really have 'last flings'?????

Yeah, I last had a fling in 2006.

Yeah, I last had a fling in 2006.

No but I mean, when they are due to get married fairly soon... :oops:

Yeah, I last had a fling in 2006.

aww bless ya:)
San Sebastian in the Basque country is highly recommended, particularly if you time it when Real Sociedad are playing at home. There is a great street in the old town where every doorway is a bar! and Tapas everywhere with your drinks. Best of all it is on the sea!

I've been there loads of times and it is a great place, please be respectful to the locals, they're great people and remember this is the home of ETA, so it can hot up, nothing like it when the Police are firing plastic bullets at the Jarra (ETA youth wing).

But seriously if you are over-25 and fancy a nice, chilled out time with some drink and the best food in all of Spain, with a bit of footy, the sea and a nice view of the Pyrenees, then San Sebastian is recommended - but not if you just want to do lads on the lash - probably best to stick to San Antonio, Ibiza or the Costas.

aww bless ya:)

I am "thesaint", so, I shall bless you. ;-)

I am "thesaint", so, I shall bless you. ;-)

i do feel blessed indeed:p
Depends on where you want to go, if you want to party all night long or if you want to have a relaxed break.
Personally I cant fault Ibiza (apart from the prices!!) for a good time, has quiet parts and places that never sleep for 6 months.

Barcelona is full of pick pockets, most of which are scrawnny kids.....I personally recommend Ibiza, yes it's expensive, but worth it. Also for the best time possible, take me along with you....i can act like a lad as good as the rest of them, oggling women, scratching my butt hole and drinking pints! Although even though a 6ft blonde, blue eyed, big boobed would'nt be willing for the last fling bit, unless the groom to be as a massive....wallet!! :-)
Have a fab time x
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thanks for all the replies! i bloody lost the thread in this stupid redesign!!!

well to sum it up! all that will be needed is booze and girls!? was thinking ibiza but want to do something different?

Mates are saying Barcelona?? anyone been on an stag night there??
I have, but it was rather uncomfortable. I'd suggest you take the plane instead.

Amsterdam or Prague ?
I;d say try slovakia, there's a few budget airlines at the moment that do returns for about £100, one even has bogof on at the moment,

you can get airport return transfers with stripper for £20 a person (which is the cost a return transfer in most places anyway!)
you can do the whole AK47 machine gun shooting and all that stuff
you can even quite easily organize female mud wrestling where the groom gets chucked in etc.

other than that its dirt cheap.

Rumour is there's even this hostel....
A stripper in a cab ?

How far does she go.......


Went with a company called Hello Holidays ( on ITV teletext page 277 Or do a google) to Salou, Costa Dorada on a similar trip last year. We stayed in an all-inclusive hotel for 3 nights for £129 each, but it didnt include transfers but only about £5 from Reus airport in a cab. The hotel wasnt great but free booze, a bed to kip in & free tucker is all you need.Plus the town of Salou has tonnes of bars/clubs & there is a top notch theme park called Port Aventura about 10 minutes away from the resort. I would highly recommend this place for a decent stag do. Cant remember the hotel name but i know the travel company use a few hotels in the town so no probs. It makes a change from rip-off Ibiza & bingo in Benidorm!

ps- wish I was going-could do with a few days on the lash somewhere hot!!
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