Has Anyone bought a mac through the education store?

    So im a student at uni an was thinking of getting a imac via the education store, it says you can pay it of for like £32 per month.

    has anyone ever done this? does it cost more to pay it off monthly? and how many months does it take to pay off?


    on the site it should say what if there is any interest and at what rate, and then should say the term of the payments.

    I helped my mate buy but she bought it in one lump sum.

    I've bought one in a lump sum but not paying interest- my boyfriend was thinking of getting one and paying it off monthly but he said the interest was huge so be careful if you do xxx

    as its a student deal it shouldnt have much interest, but try adding one to the cart or something like that and it should show the interest for you

    bought in lump sum several times,will be more expensive obviously if you pay monthly

    "15.9% typical APR"

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    aaaa sounds like not to much of a good idea, best save my money and buy one stright out.. wish they wernt so bloody exspensive

    Im certain students are not eligible for the financing options, ive looked at this option and im fairly sure that you need to be in full time employment...
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