Has anyone bought from INTERELECTRONIC LTD??

    Hi, I am looking for a WII bundle and they have a good deal. Problem is i have never heard of them. Someone asked the question approx 9 months ago on here and was warned off trading purely due to the site looking unprofessional. I am keen to hear of anyone who has actually dealt with them……asp
    Thanks Guys


    looks cheap and nasty but I'm sure they're legit. I've an 'as new' japanese console for sale if you are interested?

    I'd avoid personally...if something is too good to be true then it usually is


    Whois search:

    If you pay by credit card you are insured. Technically the site is not that bad - but He's not currys. There is no risk with a credit card - even buying and selling on HUKD is much more risky than this...but it is still more of a risk than the high street (credit card companies take time to get your cash back,,)

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    Well if they do rip you off and you wanna go around, give me a shout its about 10 mins away from me lol!

    Seriously though its probably fine, there is a lot of info on the page, number, e-mail, address etc, everyone has to start somewhere, but I would say do it over the phone as site doesn't look finished and may have security issues

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    but He's not currys.

    Sorry to go off topic but that made me laugh

    I notice that the prices quoted exclude VAT, thought that was a bit naughty and not very legit, the about us and home links don't seem to do anything either
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