Has anyone bought from OEM brands?

Found 18th Jun 2015

Has anyone bought anything from this site? oembrands.co.uk/

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Try in here https://www.hotukdeals.com/tag/ask/https-www-oembrands-co-uk-legit-2209353

Try in here … Try in here https://www.hotukdeals.com/tag/ask/https-www-oembrands-co-uk-legit-2209353

Thanks mate, appreciate it.
Any update dates on orders?
Hi there!

[tl;dr] ordered Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold on June 6th, received August 13th, but went through a lot of anxiety

Full story: I was going to buy my girlfriend a Samsung Galaxy as a present for her birthday, which was 4 weeks ahead back in June, & stumbled upon a Gizmodo.com (a site I completely trust) article advertising a huge, almost 200 EUR one-off discount on S6 from oembrands. Immediately I went to their mobile website as I was out in the city buying a phone for birthday, and completed my purchase right then & there. Didn't pay much attention to the website back then, but I remember it to have produced a good impression on me with its smooth responsive design & very straightforward purchasing experience which took a minute or two, which was great. No doubts crossed my mind regarding authenticity of the website or other people experience with it.
Like many of you, after an email conversation with support (who are very responsive & providing answers within 10 minutes no matter which timezone I was writing from) I was surprised to discover that oembrands has some kind of delayed offering, which takes around 45 business (!!) days to reach the customer. This made me a bit anxious, and hey, I was missing a present now for my gf's birthday! So I solved the problem by buying a 10-bucks toy phone from the kids store & giving it as a proxy for a present
When nearly 2 months has passed, I shot another email to eom on the delivery estimate, & it turned out they messed up my order number, which I though was weird & unprofessional, like a bunch of guys pulling together a website in the dark warehouse & inputting all orders manually in excel spreadsheet. I quickly did a background check for oem and oh boy did it blow my mind! On a few forum threads discussing the website the only consistent message was "STAY AWAY!", of course, disregarding the occasional "great stuff, will buy again!" which sounds as phoney as a two-dollar bill, and the only defensive messages seemed to be from bots. Scamadviser website puts oembrands 12%, meaning very low credibility & high scam risk. Searching by company ID provides a very vague registration & contact info, ie saying "we are nowhere to be found, and you can't call us also". Going back to the website & studying it closer, it turned out it's a shell of a website & had I paid a closer attention earlier, I would never buy from them in the first place.
I started to get really **** off then (good thing my gf is a very understanding person) & went on bugging email support. Finally they provided me with a Royal Post tracking number, which was exactly 45 business days since the order took place. Again, they screwed up & sent me an 8-number ID, while the correct one was 9-number. When I sent them a furious email, they responded with a link to mobile (!) website which finally took me to correct place on Royal Mail website (indeed, these were same 8-numbers, but they missed a nine in the middle). That soothed my anxiety a bit, however, since Royal Mail doesn't specify neither what is being sent, nor where, I still had concerns.
Finally, today my girlfriend has received a package with Royal Mail (48 business days in total) containing one Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold Edition, with proper-looking registration numbers & seemingly not tampered with phone. She says she likes it even more now that she has to wait for it for such a long time, dreading her cheap $200 old buggy phone. The whole experience was quite a rollercoaster, but I got the phone in the end. If you're looking to buy from oembrands, I'd suggest you not to worry too much for the good 2 & a half months before you get it, as this will drain a lot of your emotional energy. Of course, I can't guarantee that they will keep fulfilling orders in the future, but at least mine (and a few others now, as I see on the forums) has been delivered. They might be a new & scrappy business which is trying to pass as a top e-retailer, which would explain parts of the story, and I don't know how they manage to get genuine products for such discounted prices: perhaps they even operate at a loss to gain credibility. If this has taught me anything, it would be to be careful who you are buying from & not to make rushed 500 EUR decisions: oembrands could have been a scam just as well, & it's good that it wasn't. If I were operating the website, I would take this feedback very seriously & start being more competent & serious with what you do (except mail response time, you guys kick butt on that). So if there are any oembrands guys out there looking for feedback, there you go

PS. Signed up here with my FB account which would hopefully be sufficient proof of identity.
I used them and got my phone 2 months later but God I was worried. I didn't read that it would take 40-50 business days to come.
Just thought I'd add a wee comment. I ordered an iphone 5s last Friday the 7th in the very early hours of the morning. I quickly decided to cancel my order and received an email at 11 am stating my order status had been changed to canceled and refunded. It was then I started go ogling the company and reading these threads, needless to say I was glad I cancelled and was worried about my refund. Anyway the full amount has just gone back into my account today so although I can't comment on items arriving or their condition I can say that they refunded my money with no hassle.

Hi, Has anyone bought anything from this site? … Hi, Has anyone bought anything from this site? https://www.oembrands.co.uk/Thanks.

Yes I bought an iPhone 6 64gb for £419 & received it about a week ago.
I was told I would receive an email 48 hours prior to my ETA with a Royal Mail tracking number & to nearly within the hour I received an email telling me it was with Royal Mail & then received another email with tracking number & the phone was delivered on the day they quoted.
My friend ordered an Ipad Air 2 from this OEM brands website back in End of May 2015. He was told that it would take 3 months for the ipad to be delivered which mean it should arrive in middle of August 2015. However, it is now already 27/08/2015 and he has not yet received the product. He contacted them and they told him that it shall arrive in September and then again changed the delivery date to October. He has been trying to ask for a refund but it is not possible. This is not acceptable and please do not buy anything from them.
i want to buy an ipad air 2 gold for my birthday but im not sure if its a scam... from the reviews it seems that oem brands take long got deliver, but it comes in the end. so im pretty sure its safe for me to buy.

Yes I bought an iPhone 6 64gb for £419 & received it about a week ago.I … Yes I bought an iPhone 6 64gb for £419 & received it about a week ago.I was told I would receive an email 48 hours prior to my ETA with a Royal Mail tracking number & to nearly within the hour I received an email telling me it was with Royal Mail & then received another email with tracking number & the phone was delivered on the day they quoted.

Interesting that you actually went to all the trouble of registering with this site just to make this comment. How's the job at oembrands.co.uk going?

i want to buy an ipad air 2 gold for my birthday but im not sure if its a … i want to buy an ipad air 2 gold for my birthday but im not sure if its a scam... from the reviews it seems that oem brands take long got deliver, but it comes in the end. so im pretty sure its safe for me to buy.

And another who's registered here JUST to post this comment. Judging by these tactics and the various other stories about oembrands on here i would run a mile from them, looks super dodgy to me. Taking to time to register to complain about them is one thing, but doing it just to say they're fine seems much more unlikely.
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Definitely wouldn't recommend it. If you're willing to keep on waiting and getting told that there is another delay then by all means take it. But I ordered it about 2 months ago. Was expected to come on the 28th of august. They then sent me an email saying there has been a delay. It will come on the fifteenth of September. Then I just emailed them today asking them will it still come. They then tell me there was another delay so it will come on the 30th of September. Now I am really unhappy. The service is rubbish. They don't answer back to some of my emails when I ask them. I definitely wouldn't recommend it
I ordered an iPad Air 2 64GB on 26/06/2015, was told be delivered by 01/09/2015. Have now been given revised date of 30/09/2015, however they can not guarantee this and said it could be October. They are shocking to deal with!!! I would not recommend anyone to order from them.
Mine never arrived, MBNA sorted it as a Disputed Transaction. So to all AVOID this seller..YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED!!!
Order ID: #3642
2015-06-25 18:44:17 Shipped
Tracking Number: NMA3642

Enter the above tracking code into the TRACK YOUR ORDER bar at the bottom of our homepage and click TRACK NOW to be notified of your ARRIVAL DATE

2015-06-25 18:44:31 Shipped
Tracking Number: NMA3642

STATUS: Dispatched

METHOD: Sea Freight Bulk Economy

Start: Marshall Islands
Finish: UK

Calling At:
OCEANIA & ASIA: 3 weeks
MIDDLE EAST: 3 weeks


This order status will be updated 48 hours before the above arrival date with a Royal Mail tracking number

I wasted my time waiting for this delivery! AVOID buying to this seller unless you want to end up like me! I wasted almost 3 months waiting.
Avoid buying anything from this website! Total ****! waited 3 months for an iphone 6 to arrive the original arrivale date was 31st august it then got delayed until the 15th september, I still received no tracking update after waiting a further 2 weeks so sent another email for them to reply:

We do apologise but due to unforeseen circumstances, we've had to cancel your order and issue you with a full refund for reasons beyond our control. Kindly allow 5-7 days for your refund to appear

Reasons beyond our control what does that even mean definately a con! Fuming I waited all this time for it to be cancelled! This only happend today so Im yet to receive my refund
On 22nd June I ordered an iPad. I knew it would take several months to arrive. The ETA was 31st August. On 1st September, after hearing nothing, I tried my tracking code and found no information. I emailed them and they replied that the code was working fine. I tried it again and found that it was now working but the ETA had been changed to 18th September. Today, 17th September, they emailed me to say that the order was cancelled and refunded. They have given me no reason for this and have not contacted me to apologise.

BEWARE! Do not trust this company!
I would like to echo all the other horror stories on here!! I ordered IPad Air 3 128gb in June and had the same old run around as everyone else. I have yet to confirm if the refund has actually been made. I have had a recent email exchange with OEM and they were incredibly rude, seemingly not being able to comprehend why I was cheesed off with the unilateral cancellation because they had graciously given me a refund.. Am now on a mission to spread the word. I hate shysters and these are the very epitome!!
Ordered an IPad 2 Air in June15 with an initial delivery date of end of August 15. Informed 3 days before original delivery date that item would now be delivered 15 Sep. I chased on 16th Sep, via their web site, saying it had failed to arrive and they replied, via e-mail, stating the freight had been delayed in Europe and as such they have cancelled my order and said a refund would be applied to my card with 48-72 hours. It is now nearly 6 days (144 hours) since that e-mail and I'm still awaiting the refund. Have contacted Barclaycard over this to recover the money. I have chased the refund 3 times by e-mail and also via their contact page on the web site - no replies received.

Apologies for the delay, our processing bank aren't issuing refunds on our behalf anymore unfortunately so you'll have to contact your card issuer and inform them that your order hasn't arrived and the delivery deadline has passed. They'll then begin payment reversal proceedings.

Sales & Support Team,


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i too ordered an Ipad air 2 64 Gb in July and was informed that it would arrive on 21 September ! I checked via email that the date was correct as I was going on holiday on 24 September and wanted to take it with me. The answered back " the date is correct" it states that I would get an email giving me atracking number 48 hours before the delivery date. Nothing arrived. I tried ringing an o843 number that you don't know how much its costing and gave up after 10 minutes.
Their address is not Forsyth House which is run by Regis who I rang and they informed me that thet never rented with them!
They then sent me an email saying that the container was held up in Eastern Europe and they have cancelled the order and a full refund will be sent in 5 - 7 days !!! I have contacted Nat west Cards!!
sorry for caps but I ordered iphone 5 way back in june
Order ID: (deleted for security)
Date Ordered: 18/06/2015

Your order has been updated to the following status:
Cancelled & Refunded
I' ve tracked it each week and apparently its been shipped from Europe around the other side of the world but the final track report stated it had arrived in England
10 days after this arrival I was emailed to say cancelled and refunded
I've emailed them twice but had no response

There are many threads around relating to this website, and it is just a scam to take money for cheap goods, delay delivery, and then when you challenge them for tracking details, they either extend the delivery date, or say they have refunded you with no further explanation.

They also join review sites like this one, and leave positive messages and reviews.

Basically they advertise goods at really good prices, hide behind delivery dates of 50 days (excluding weekends !!), refuse to give refunds, and then on the delivery date, they just claim to give refunds which you have to chase and chase to get.

Completely fraudulent company - AVOID at all costs
Scam company ripped me off for £899.

Now waiting for the Credit Card company to re pay me.

Avoid this company
I have been waiting nearly 2 months to then receive an e -mail to say that my order had been cancelled and refunded in to my account! not happy! still waiting on refund would never use them again wish I read the reviews first.
I too.ordered a s6, 50 days ago, tracking stated delivery today. Received e mail today order cancelled refund too be given. Very disappointed, if I had read the reviews, I would not have used them. Will wait and see over the refund.
Like countless others I bought an iphone 6 on this website because it was 1/3 cheaper than everywhere else.
They don't tell you it will take 2.5 months to arrive (yes somewhere in small print at the back end of their website), you can't cancel your order as it's 'dispatched' straight away, and in my case they cancelled the order after 2 months without any explanation and they right false reviews to boost their positive feedback.
The explanation they give for the delayed delivery is because it supposedly travels through the world through snail mail to avoid shipping costs. That is total BS. They take your money, try to buy the old iphone once the new one is released at a cheaper price and if they can't they cancel your order. In the meantime they sit on your cash for a few months.
They are fraudsters and I would recommend to everyone not to buy through them.

Today I reminded them by email that they hadn't issued my refund. They immediately replied that I should contact my card company, Halifax. Interestingly Halifax had already heard of their tricks!
Dont buy anything from them its a con site which takes your money promises you your product in 2 months and then cancels your order at the time you were supposed to get item. if the offer sounds to good it usually is using that motto from now on.
Yes I bought an iPad Air and was then informed it would be three months delivery. I tried to cancel the order but couldn't. After 10 weeks I was informed the order had been canceled and refunded. They are clearly a bunch of frauds an I would advise not to order from them.
Don't order from this company I ordered a IPAD mini in July for a birthday in August and was told it wouldn't arrive until the back end of September, I couldn't cancel the order as I had received the notification email (crafty small print) then a few days before it was to arrive they cancelled the order and said it had been refunded, when I checked I hadn't been refunded so contacted them and they I would just have to contact my credit card company to get the money back...rubbish service and in hind sight well suspect!
I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6.
I waited delivery at 29.9.15, but since 2 days my status changed cancelled &refunded.
No answer! What I can do now??????? At least my money come back?!
Has anyone actually received a refund, or is their definition of a refund you card company giving you a refund? which seems to be the case and is therefore theft by OEM brands. Stupid greedy people like us must be costing the card companies millions, and the card companies and banks need to block payments to OEM brands to stop this. Ive learnt a big lesson here
Just received this email from them:
30 September 2015 at 13:02, Sales & Support Team wrote:

We aren't trading at the moment and we don't have the facility to issue a refund back to you as we are no longer associated with the card processor who you made your payment to us. If you contact your card issuer and inform them your order hasn't arrived, they'll reverse the payment.

Sales & Support Team,

When I finally got a response they say they are unable to issue refunds anymore and to claim direct from my card! I'm so angry!
Has anyone bought anything from this site? oembrands.co.uk/
[Got my iPad 45 days to the date and very happy, no issues whatesoever, great price and they are quick to respond to email queries]
Has anyone bought anything from this site? oembrands.co.uk/

Do not buy anything from this "company" if something looks to good to be true - it is.. The company exists to take your money, sit on the interest then leave yourself to deal with trying to get it back. They will come up with an excuse after the leaving you waiting for months for your purchase as to why it hasn't arrived, then claim they've switched bank accounts and cannot issue a refund, leaving yourself to claim a section 75 from your card holder. The company shouldn't exist. All the positive reviews on this are without doubt company workers/friends. So please please do not listen to them, look at the company - why has no-one heard of it - why is it all so cheap - why does it take so long from initial payment to receiving (but actually not) the proposed goods ! Your questioning yourself now, so just don't bother, save up and buy a legitimate product from a legitimate company. Not a made up phoney Internet site. You've been warned.
So, nothing can be done?

Make a complaint together or whatever?
any idea????

[quote=yuiodf] Hi, Has anyone bought anything from this site? … [quote=yuiodf] Hi, Has anyone bought anything from this site? https://www.oembrands.co.uk/Thanks. [Got my iPad 45 days to the date and very happy, no issues whatesoever, great price and they are quick to respond to email queries]

And we have another oembrands employee!!
Joined today, just to reply to this thread!
Jeez, you've conned enough people, why not do us all a favour & have a heart attack!!
Is there something wrong with you?
Does everybody work for them?
For your info I work for Police Scotland, I purchased my iPad and got it a couple months later on 14th August, to be honest I did wonder but was happy in the end and save ££££'s.
I also note they have stopped trading now.
Maybe that had something to do with all the negative Ill informed sceptics out there who didn't take a chance earlier on but bad mouthed them anyway. Or maybe I was just a lucky one! Truth be told I have a great iPad at a great price and no complaints whatsoever. It's a shame though as I was hoping to get the mini 4 for my son. Alas it's too late for everybody now. Proof avail if needed, but not really any point now.
Ps As for all the others who took the chance sad to hear the orders were cancelled hope you's get refunded, I personally think the fold was due to negativity and I don't believe I was the only one who got what they paid for.
As for the length of time it took for delivery, all you had to do was read it or ask the questions as I did.
And around the globe the container ship went, stopping at various ports on route to the UK.
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