Has anyone bought or sold using JKM property solutions, Burton ?

    Has anyone dealt with the above, sounds interesting. I'm looking to sell but would value anyone's experiences with them as seller or buyer.

    From their website:
    How does it work?

    The basic concept is that JKM enhance the profile of a property by offering it for sale with fully guaranteed extras for the purchaser such as a new kitchen or bathroom or windows and doors for example.

    Simply explained:

    The Seller decides the price they are looking to achieve for the property.
    Our experienced professional Partnership Director sits down and discusses with them what work can be done to the property to make it even more attractive to purchasers.
    If we are able to offer the Solution we will guarantee to provide and install for the purchaser some or all of the following:

    Kitchen Bathroom Driveway
    Central Heating Electrics Windows
    Patio Decorating Carpets
    Garden Skirting
    Internal doors Plastering
    Fencing Extension

    Our experienced Partnership Director will know the maximum price that the property is likely to achieve once the works have been carried out. We will only offer the Solution if the net price the Seller wants to receive together with the cost of the works is at or below market value. If the selling price cannot be justified as reasonable from day one we will politely decline to offer the Solution.
    If we are able to offer the Solution a full schedule of works will be agreed.
    We will liaise with their Estate Agent on the marketing of the property.
    When the sale of the property completes, JKM will issue an invoice for the works that have been completed and the Seller will make payment from the proceeds of their sale.
    We guarantee that there are no surprises ¬ everything is explained in simple terms, documented and we will deliver on what has been agreed.
    All we stipulate is that the parties use one of a panel of local and national conveyancers and give certain instructions to their Estate Agent to work with us.
    Everything we do comes with a full insurance-backed guarantee for materials and workmanship.


    I used to work for JKM, dont do it you will be tied in for a long time. The concept is great but be carefull what you sign. Just sell it the old fashioned way would be my advice.

    What commission do you make on each property above basic.
    Why did you leave!

    My advice is simple...DONT US JKM AT ANY COST!

    'we will provide Excellent levels of service' Terrible, lack of feedback, rude,
    'we will provide an excellent customer experience' I am still in the process of suing them
    'We vet the quality of our workmanship' Foreign labour unable to speak English
    'We believe you will be in awe with the quality of finish' My kitchen is simply NOT finished! 6 months
    Honesty, integrity and trust as per mission statement Not according to the contract (11.1-4)

    What else can I say? they are simply terrible, deeply disappointed baring in mind in effect we added 20k onto our mortgage for a half finished kitchen and shoddy quality finish through the entire property......

    And that was just the purchase!

    The sale of my property was just as bad, they forgot to mention the work was conducted between exchange and completion....Then just before exchange of contracts they inform me the deal will collapse if I could not move out! Being desperate I had no choice but to vacate.....

    Any compensation? NOTHING not even a courtesy call.

    As a result I am investigating legal avenues now, due to JKM's lack of communication.

    A lot of talk but no Substance!!!

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