Has anyone dealt with the ALARM MONITORING COMPANY???

Found 2nd Apr 2010
I've been looking for a monitored alarm for my new business. Can anyone tell me if they've had any good or bad experiences with AMCO?

They will install a monitored alarm, parts and labour for £295+vat, then £11 per month for the monitoring.

Sounds to good to be true? Rep for good info folks. Cheers!
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I pay £10 per month to be monitored but i'm not sure who the company is. Just checked I think they are called ARC SMS. It is possible to pay a small amount and be monitored.
Their video claims they will call the police, not sure how the standards have changed over the years BUT I thought you had to have a 'serviced' alarm in order to get police response and a yearly service is not cheap.

Also the police can and will refuse to attend if you have too many false alarms (too many is usually two.) They blacklist your property and the central station cannot inform the police of any activation. This then results in keyholders being called to deal with the situation, (which is what happens most of the time anyway)

Have you considered 'BT Redcare' (if it's still going)

I know things have changed and this does seem like a decent deal but I'm concerned they are not telling you everything. I'll look around the site a little more and see where they have hidden the small print. I cannot see where they are BSIA approved which I thought they had to be to be allowed to connect to the police.

Just found this

I work for an alarm company, we use SMS (Southern Monitoring Station), £11 pm is very cheap, the average monitoring with URN (Police response) is around £240 per year, £365 for Redcare.
Redcare is more efficient as it would still signal an intrusion even is the phoneline has been cut.
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