Has anyone else bought items from mintgoods2 on amzon market place

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Found 30th Jun 2009
i placed an order on 04/06/2009 from amazon market place the seller is mintgoods2 and he had 98% pos feedback but now he has 87% neg feedback


i was wondering has anyone else ordered from them and if they got there item or there money back??

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maybe he's away or ill or something...

Amazon will see you ok if you don't get.
It's usualy pretty strict on there,that marketplace sellers are supposed to dispatch within 2 working days,I've sold a few items and on order page so know how it works.
If you nothing by Monday,then start a claim,Amazon does give sellers the opportunity for sellers to mark on their pages if they away to let buyers know there will be a delay sending out item,so most if selling would do this if going away.
Amazon will refund you,the sellers balance will be in minus and if they don't sort it,then Amazon charge their debit or credit card,Amazon have mine on file,that how it usually works anyway.

I imagine this is the iphone you bought off there?

oooohhh yes!!! I did on the 4/5 june i purchased a wii trainer and it never arrived! I've since emailed amazon twice and had NO REPLYS! absolutely terrible this has now put me off buying things over the net and I wouldn't mine it was a present let me know if you get any joy and i'll pm you in the meantime if I do good luck!

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I imagine this is the iphone you bought off there?

nah its only a dvd


nah its only a dvd

Ain't so bad to sweat over then,but not the point still,you def get you money back,put in a claim soon if nothing.
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