I won a £2.50 voucher with hot uk deals birthday celebration. I ordered a book with zavvi and they deducted my voucher on the order. A couple of days later i noticed that they had cancelled my order. I sent them an email and they said they would credit my account. After a week (and reminding them again) they updated my account. I then placed an order for the same item and they deducted my code again. However, i have check my account and they took the full price for the book and haven't deducted the voucher. Is this a scam and has it happened to anyone else. I would not use them again


    Seen a few threads like this, so it's happening a fair bit.

    Just email them again. They are not scammers and will eventually get your voucher off.

    If they screw around with my MW2 preorder (which I expect they will) I won't be happy But I will get a result in the end.

    didn't have no problems with my order mate, nothing deducted from my account, and that was with a £10 voucher on a game which was £9.95

    Im still waiting for my order of a game 4 weeks later even though the website says 3 days dispatch and I contacted them last week and they said it WOULD be sent out this hasnt!

    I asked for my voucher to be put on my account as i sent the order back for a refund and they said that they had credited the card that i used!! it hasnt turned up yet but i got £10 cash instead of a voucher!!


    Happy Days then, eh?:-D

    puts a smile on my face after having to work through the strike this morning
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