Has anyone else got cold? Or is just me? Cos I am full of it!

    Just wondering. Sun is out and its warm(ish). Has anyone got, or had, it recently?

    And I am off to see Rhod Gilbert tonight! What to do! I don't want to be coughing and sneezing on everyone.


    bogey free here

    I got it ..


    i had a cold bad on thursday, just sniffing now, but nose is clear

    Good ol vapour rub

    I got one

    I had one for three weeks - just got rid of the really fed up with it.

    Had a cold until Thursday thought I was better went out & drank heavily last night, woke up & couldn't talk, I have lost my voice :thinking:

    ive had one for a while, not sure why maybe its to do with the fact ive ceased almost all physical activitys in favour of studyin but im pretty sure thts a load of bull i just made up there always get a bad cold round about my exams :lol:

    Yep, our house should have a big black X on the door - 3 people and right now between us we have 2 colds, 1 flu, 2 ear infections, 1 sinus infection, 1 chest infection. We are unfortunately on first name terms with the doctor in the village who can't believe our bad luck. Even the dog has been vomiting and the cat has got a large bald patch on her after a cat fight bite got infected and she pulled all the hair out. This is not that unusual for us though, and one of the reasons we are moving house lol.
    You should drink lots of orange juice or take vitamin C, it can't do any harm and might help.
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