Has anyone else had a disappointing experience with a heavily discounted product?

Posted 22nd Dec 2022 (Posted 7 h, 29 m ago)
Hello HotUKDeals community!

I wanted to start a discussion on a recent deal I found. I was shopping for a new laptop and came across a great deal on a popular brand's model at a major electronics retailer. The price was significantly lower than other retailers, and I couldn't resist the temptation to purchase it.

However, when I received the laptop and started using it, I noticed that it was not performing as well as expected. The battery life was shorter than advertised, and the overall performance was slower than I anticipated.

I contacted the retailer about my concerns and they offered a partial refund, but I was still disappointed with the product.

Have any of you had similar experiences with finding a "too good to be true" deal and ended up being disappointed with the product? How did you handle the situation? I'm curious to hear your thoughts and experiences.
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    I bought an Xbox 360 game once from Argos-Ebay, looked like it had been used. Contacted them and they refunded it all and said "keep it".
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    Of the 3 issues 2 are just expectations not actual faults and initial downloading of updates etc will drain a battery quite a lot till everything is updated, but I'm struggling with the major electronics retailer description.

    I don't know many that would instantly go to a partial refund on a already heavily discounted product. Are you sure it's a legitimate website and a genuine product? (edited)
    I purchased the laptop about a month ago. I did consider returning it, but the retailer only offered a partial refund and I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning the product and potentially having to deal with additional issues.

    I bought the laptop from a major electronics retailer. I'm not comfortable disclosing the specific retailer or model publicly, as I don't want to single out any specific company or product.

    I understand that returning items is an option for many people, and it can definitely be a useful solution in some cases. However, in my situation, I didn't feel that it was worth the effort and potential additional hassle to return the product. I was more interested in starting a discussion to see if anyone else had had similar experiences and to share my own story as a cautionary tale.

    This discussion isn't specific to laptops, but want to hear about experiences. Thanks
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    so you bought a laptop at a reduced price, didn't like it, didn't return it for a full refund as per law, despite being dissapointed with it. the product isn't faulty, you didn't use your stat rights, you didn't check reviews online to see if it was going to be to your requirements, so why would you want to go to the media about it? you bought an item at a reduced price, it wasn't faulty, you didn't excesize your right to return and refund. the retailer has done no wrong, and in fact going above and beyond by giving you a partial refund. the retailer just sells items someone else makes. they've bought the item and sold it to you, and give you the legal right to return for refund which you didn't take

    in future, do your research before you buy items, and if you buy online and don't like what you have bought, send it back for a refund

    it doesn't sound like the retailer is at any fault at all here. it sounds like some key issues lie with the buyer not doing due diligence nor returning an item they don't like and instead keeping an item. if the item was so bad i'm sure the buyer would have returned it

    if i do something similar, i either return the item for refund or suck it up and keep it as it's myself who didn't check before buying. i wouldn't complain about my own actions
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    When did you buy it? Why didn't you just return it? Where did you buy it from? Which model did you buy?

    If i had a too good to be true product then I would simply return it. I have probably done that in the past but didn't then create a thread for it to see if others return items that they aren't happy with. In fact, I return amazon iteme regularly if I'm not happy with then.
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    You could have just returned it. Also, it is impossible to determine battery performance when no one knows how you used the laptop. My laptop's battery life varies from 6 - 8 hours but I am fine with it because I know what is causing it.
    You're right that returning the product was an option that I could have considered. However, as I mentioned earlier, the retailer only offered a partial refund and I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning the product and potentially having to deal with additional issues.

    You're also correct that it is difficult to accurately determine battery performance without knowing how the laptop was used. In my case, I used the laptop for a variety of tasks including browsing the internet, streaming video, and working on documents. I did not engage in any resource-intensive activities that would significantly drain the battery, and I made sure to follow the manufacturer's recommended settings for power management. Despite these efforts, the battery life was still shorter than what was advertised.

    Ultimately, my experience with the laptop was disappointing and I wanted to share my story and see if anyone else had had similar experiences. I understand that different people have different expectations and tolerances for battery life and performance, and I respect that. My intention was not to criticize the product or the retailer, but rather to share my own experience and start a discussion about finding good deals and the potential risks and drawbacks.
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    Yeah I think being disappointed by a product is a bit extreme here. "Too good to be true" suggests a scam, which is a bit of a leap when it comes to battery life. There are too many variables and always the option to return? To answer the question as posed, yeah it happens most years on here - the classic jumping into a bargain and then finding something superior and more expensive was probably required. A good recent example was a sound bar I bought. Cheap and does a decent job, but I do wish i'd spent 2-3 times the amount on an excellent one. In this scenario I usually give the product purchased away to friends or family and buy the one I should have.

    PS hope you find a resolution OP, whether that's improved performance over time or a refund/trade. (edited)
    Thank you for your response. I apologize if my use of the phrase "too good to be true" came across as suggesting that the deal was a scam. That was not my intention, and I apologize if my words were misleading.

    I agree that there are many variables that can affect the performance of a product, and that returning a product is always an option for those who are unhappy with it. In my case, I did consider returning the laptop but ultimately decided against it due to the partial refund offer and the potential hassle of returning the product.

    I understand that everyone has different expectations and tolerances for the performance of a product, and that finding a good deal does not always guarantee satisfaction. It can be frustrating to purchase a product that does not meet our expectations, but it is important to remember that this is a risk that we take whenever we make a purchase.

    I appreciate your suggestion to give the product to a friend or family member if it does not meet our expectations. That can be a good solution in some cases, but it may not always be possible or practical.

    I hope that this helps to clarify my intentions and my experience with the laptop. Thank you for your understanding and for participating in the discussion.
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    I'm beginning to think none of this actually happened and, with Xmas coming up, the OP is just lonely.

    So many elements just do not add up/make sense.
    I understand your skepticism, but I can assure you that the experiences and situations described in my original post are based on real events. It's true that online discussions can sometimes include fictional or exaggerated accounts, and it's always a good idea to be mindful of this when reading and participating in discussions. I get that. However, in this case, I was simply sharing my own experience and asking for feedback and input from the community.

    It's understandable that some elements of the original post may not make sense to you, as it is difficult to fully understand a situation without all of the context. However, the original post provided as much information as I was comfortable disclosing, and it is not uncommon for people to leave out certain details or personal information when sharing their experiences online.

    I hope this helps to clarify the situation and address your concerns. Thank you for participating in the discussion.
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    I would take bty life with a pinch of salt tbh, companies always say it lasts for so long and doesn’t get anywhere near that in the real world, a lot of factors cause battery drain but I would say the worst culprit is probably the screen (brightness), cpu speed generally does as well and to combat this sometimes the software tones the cpu and graphics down while in battery mode.
    I would say battery life forecasts for a laptop are as reliable as mpg forecasts when buying a new car. Figures can only be achieved on an uninterrupted journey driving at a particular speed with no luggage or passengers and on level ground or preferably downhill. Battery life on your laptop is probably achievable if you're only doing one task at a time so the company can't really be accused of being economical with the truth.
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    You say the retailer didn’t allow you to return but only offered a partial refund , can you share with us the name of the company ?
    No not really they got really upset when i said I will go to the media
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    Cmon you cant ask for peoples opinions if you don't give them the full facts... best just to move on and not waste time over this, its not clear what resolution you want.
    It's a discussion, the specifics do not matter.
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    I personally believe it's not true, there's no facts or info to back anything up just a thin story line (edited)
    I want to promote discussion, maybe someone else can post specifics
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