Has anyone else had enough of their Pixel 6 Pro?

Posted 23rd Aug 2022
Never thought I would say this but right now I cant wait to get ride of my Pixel 6 Pro which I ordered on pre-release last year. Main offender being poor battery management (yes, I have carried out those suggestions made by Google). I expect a flagship model phone to run solid for 8 hours surely!? I've been caught short with e-tickets (rail/ bus) at the end of a day when I've forgotten my power pack for back up power and been uberless when heading back from the pub too due to this dead pixel.

Other issues include pocket dialling, random opening of google wallet, torch being switched on and me blinding people in shops when going to pay. I'm sure there are more things but all of these contribute to narking the hell out of me on a daily basis.. I never had these issues with the P30 pro, oh well my lad has been enjoying it since I got this piece of cack on release. Has anyone taken up issues with their provider and if so what did they say?

Right I'm off to settle my blood pressure; let me know your experiences and thoughts.
Hope you've all had a stress free day
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    Thanks for the heads-up! I appreciate honest product insights. It helps with my future buying decisions.
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    Yes just seen a good deal for pro on here but your comments has put me off. You expect better battery management than that on a premium product
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    I hate my pixel 6 too. Worse phone I've ever had. Constantly crashing/ closing apps. Won't be having a pixel again
    oh now Im confused! didint expect to be inthe market for another phone so soon...had an HONOR and loved it. Thought Xiaomi might be as loveable...wrong! tearing hair out. just thought Id get the 6 pro..then I find this post!!!
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    I have had mine since launch and i can't wait to get rid.

    Replying to

    I have a Find X2 Pro, it''s on Android 12 and it still runs really well. However the Find X3 Pro got rid of the decent zoom camera that was on the X2 Pro but introduced a microscope camera, the X5 Pro still has the compromised zoom and they got rid of the microscope camera. The X5 Pro cameras are decent but OPPO make some weird decisions each year. I can't fault the hardware it's excellent. ColorOS isn't bad but it has some minor irritating design issues. So I can recommend OPPO such a shame they're owned by BBK Electronics who are Chinese. Then again trying to avoid buying anything from China is almost impossible.

    The 65W charging is a game changer I never worry about battery life, it charges from 0% to 100% in 32 mins, and the phone is almost never on 0% so it ends up being a much shorter charge. Google Pixel and Samsung phones are way behind in this regard. If the Pixel 7 still has 45W charging and the same for Samsung I'd rather give them a miss because of that. (edited)
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    My Mrs hates hers and blames me for convincing her it would be a good upgrade from her galaxy s10e which she much preferred ( which says a lot )
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    I've had my Pixel 6 Pro for about 3 months.
    No issues so far, also updated to Android 13.
    Upgraded from a Find X2 Pro which was a great phone in itself
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    Have no problems with my Pixel 6 since I got it around a month ago. Android 13 update was pushed out today on it.
    Got my Android 13 update a couple of days ago. Now the battery doesn't last the day, where I was getting nearly 2 days on Android 12. Lots of people are complaining about 13 regarding battery life. Seems there is a huge bug in it. Hopefully they get a fix soon.
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    Resounding thumbs down then
    Unless Google really sort out the many bugs then it's a no from me that's for sure. Will be interesting to see how the Pixel 7 fairs but I wouldn't be interested until other people have given their feedback first
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    I haven't had any problems with my 6, I much prefer it to previous Samsung
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    I've had my 6 Pro since late November, I can't fault it, had none of the issues reported above.
    I charged it overnight until around 7am, I've been to work all day, streamed music from Deezer on my way to and from work, messed with some apps on my breaks, the phone currently has 68% battery remaining which states 'About 19 hrs, 33 mins left'
    Wow, thats fantastic. Make me wonder if I should just totally set up my phone afresh all over again. I do have a lot of apps (only a handful of games). However a phone of this calibre should manage app memory/ battery better (Ive tried a number of options to help it too).
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    I got my 6 pro 6 weeks ago, don't have the problems states above but I have noticed it gets hot sometimes, usually when gaming.

    Updated to android 13 2 days ago and not noticed a change in battery usage.
    I also get a lot of heat issues and regularly kills apps to safeguard the chips which i understand by again never suffer this way with previous phones.
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    I'm tempted to get the 6 Pro so it's good to see how people find using theirs
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