Has anyone else lost or had their messenger list stolen over the last day or two ???

    Over the last 2 days a company has managed to get hold of my entire messenger list (so all my email contacts) and has been sending messages to all of them then i looked this morning at my emails and my messenger contacts is empty along with all my email addresses.

    this is what was being sent

    Dear friend:
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    Their Web address:


    Yep, and my email accounts been frozen for three weeks and hotmail still haven't sorted it out! Wonkers! :x

    Yeah, I had the sending an email to all of my contact list with hotmail a couple of weeks ago now! But I changed all my passwords to my account before they were able to delete my contact lists!

    You can contact M$ and get your contacts back - see this thread:…spx

    Yeah My pal kept sending me strange messages from Messenger, I told her to change her password and now it has stopped. Happened to me before as well... those pesky spammers
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