Has anyone else noticed or is it me only ....MyCityDeal / Groupon

I have been tracking that within the first 10 seconds of a deal going live on Groupon / Mycitydeal there are always 3 buyers who have bought it.

It takes more than 10 seconds to read the deal, take out your card and go through the processing. Hence wondering if the numbers they show on a deal as people who bought already is true or fake?

It really doesnt matter much as you end up buying the deal which may or may not suit you, but at least this puts some suspicion into the trust built with a company, especially the ones that are online


A) as long as its legit, above board and you get the deal that you want then
B) does it really matter?

not trying to be funny or anything but many of the deals they put up are good ones and the ones that I have purchased have always came through on time and have been excellent value for money.

Self made PR, as with the £99 iPhone4 thing on bitterwallet, if it looks dodgy, looks unrealistic, it probably is.

There's a at least one MSE fiasco on the groupon voucher thing, google for yourself.

Wouldn't touch them with a bargepole.

1 fiasco for a company. 1 bad review? Thats bloody good for a company init!
I'm getting a bargain with em so i dont care.

Original Poster

All deals are geniune as far as i am concerned and have been a happy customer so far.
However, just wondering if a company is doing that well, then why would they do such a thing???

i've only ever bought one item through them but i never had a problem with getting it and it was a bargain
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