Has anyone else read on the net ps3 is to get dlc for GTA IV

    sometime in august it supposedly out on ps3 ....i read somewhere and it is based around the mcreary brothers title of the dlc is :blood and a four leaf clover, i have read that the second 360 dlc is coming this fall titled : ballad of gay tony


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    [COLOR="Red"]^^Sense this not makes^^[/COLOR]

    sorry il edit op

    i heard/read that ps3 will see dlc in august for gta 4, il get the link for you and others to read:thumbsup:…php

    Yeah the PS3 is getting an exclusive DLC for GTA, couldn't tell you when its out though.

    About time if goes ahead.

    Interesting so it completely different to the 360 DLC?

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    From what I have read , but there is mention that m$ only had a 6month timed exclusive for 360 , and that lost and. Damned may go in ps3, and finally r* want to do last dlc 4 360 and get to episodic dlc out on ps3 before gta5 comes out 2010/11/12 no exact refrence year for gta 5, that's roughly all the info I have gathered on dlc for ps3

    Only rumours. Nothing has ever been said officially about if the 360 DLC being a timed exclusive. When the 360 DLC was announced way back it was said that PS3 would get some of its own DLC but nothing has ever been said since.
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