has anyone else signed up to the shopto.net site, is it normal for them to ask for card details and csv number from back of card when registering, has anyone else done this?

Thats not normal, are you sure you aren't registering during a transaction in your basket?

I just tried to register with another email and wasn't asked for any card info.
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nothing in the basket, i thought it seemed funny.
gets as far as registering then says
Important Registration Notice
- We will be performing a 1 GBP test transaction with your bank to verify your card details in the interest of security and fraud prevention. This 1 GBP transaction will be instantly refunded.
- If your email address or home address has previously been registered to an account on our site, this will be considered a duplicate account and will be closed.
- Your first two orders with us must be shipped to your billing address for security and fraud prevention reasons.
That's perfectly fine
I have purchased of them
That's perfectly fine
I have purchased of them
Maybe for fraud purposes?

They ask for address info on registration, and it may flag if they have had issues with a similar address.
I registered with ShopTo some five years ago and vaguely remember having to agree to a test charge.
Have an online chat with them or call
Yep it's fine I did this in January to buy a years PSN. I thought it was weird at the time but I googled it to check.
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