Has anyone else tried FilmOn Free Live TV Streaming Site Yet!!

Found 14th Jun 2009
Was shown this a couple of weeks ago by a friend, but wanted to run with it to make sure it stayed good before telling you guys about it.

Don't bother getting a Digital Tuner Card for your PC, go to filmon.com, you really will not believe the quality of the streamed programming!! It has all the usual suspects that you get with normal digital terrestrial TV, but one BIG WARNING, don't install it on the kids PC or one with child access, as it also has a few Hardcode Porn Channels. I phoned the company (who are based in London) and they the next version of the download software will have these password protected or a second edition of the software that won't include them at all.

It also has a few dedicated feature film channels, showing some films worth a view. Also channels like Eurosport, which is usually a pay-TV channel are shown and upto last week they also had Sky Sports!!

I promise you, if you don't already have this on your PC, download it, the quality of picture is perfect with no breakup and is clearer than what I get from my Hauppage digital tuner.

And more than anything it is absolutely FREE!!
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Below is a screen capture of the software. This can be fullscreen and still as clear!!

I've been using this for ages, it's OK
just installed it, its pretty good although obviously you need a lot of bandwidth and an unlimited connection.
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