has anyone ever been to a Taybarns eatery?

Found 8th Apr 2009
im thinking of going to the one in wigan tonight and just wondering if anyone has been to one and what was the food like , thanks
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I went to the one in Stoke a while back...

It is fine, enjoy... Very busy, expect long queues to get in..
can you book a table or do you just turn up?

can you book a table or do you just turn up?

In stoke, you can not book a table. You normally go to the welcoming person, they take your name and direct you to the drinking/bar/play area and call you on a display on the wall when ready.

Last time I went it was around 3pm of a Sat afternoon, and it was heaving. Went at 6-7pm once on a weekday and gave up as it was looking to be about a hour wait.

Wigan may be different???? (I know the people are...)
The one near the roundabout? Been a couple of times and always packed you can't book no it's just turn up ,don't have the Chinese as it all tasted the same the deserts are good though :-)
ive never been before and just fancied a change, we normally go to a very nice buffet chinese in bolton centre which is always busy but never had to wait longer than 30mins. will see what my fella says when he gets home, dont think i could wait nearly an hour plus it will probably be even more jam packed with it being kids holidays.
just returned from the one in south shields a few hrs ago.
very nice staff, really good selection of food, not too busy at 2.30pm even when the kids are off school.

awesome deserts!
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