Has anyone ever bought from chales clinkard before?

    Hiya, i bought my daughter a pair of lelly kellys from there when in the sale .I got them today and they are filthy, the sole and inside the shoe.

    She said that they clearly explain there shoes have been maybe worn or returns.

    Anyone else had this? Also it doesnt say that they arent new on the page i bought them from...…803


    What???? That's awful! I can't believe that they would sell used shoes and then charge such a high price for them - even if they are lelli kellies! I sold my used pair for £4, they're not worth £24 used!! I have only bought from this shop in the high street and I've never seen second hand shoes on sale there. I would be fuming if I was in your position and as you had no idea that they would be used and nothing on the webpage indicates so, I would be returning them without delay. Even returns which they resell should not be in a filthy state, they should still be fit to be sold as new unless indicated otherwise to the buyer.

    Good luck x

    Try complaining, as a last resort you can return, but it says on their site that you pay postage.

    Very bizzare, there is no mention of being used on the description.
    I saw a thread on here saying that legally due to the Distance Selling Regulations that companies have to refund the original cost of delivery as well as the full cost of the item so the most you will be out of pocket is the return postage - still that is more than you should have to, but at least not too much.
    I would complain to them again and see if you can get someone else to help you, maybe they sent you the wrong item by mistake?

    I would be having none of that, dirty new shoes? Have never heard the likes of it, do they expect a buyer to buy a new pair of shoes then wash them when they get them home? I would contact Lelly Kelly also

    HOW DO I RETURN UNWANTED ITEMS?If you are not completely satisfied with … HOW DO I RETURN UNWANTED ITEMS?If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 14 days of purchase in its original unworn condition and we will refund the product price. This will not include postage costs.Address:-Charles Clinkard,Eveline House,Preston Farm Business Park,Stockton-on-TeesTS18 3TA

    If they sell used ones then how can they insist on that?
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