has anyone ever bought from dvdmonkeys.com

Found 17th Dec 2016

I am looking at a few DVDs and cheapest I have found is at dvdmonkeys.com
The website looks a bit shoddy. Has anyone ever used? Or recommend any other trusted websites?

Thank you
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Or recommend any other trusted websites?Thank you

Depends if you want new or used DVD's . Used DVD's I've had some good bargains from the Music Magpie website and they also sell through Amazon and Ebay too so you can check their feedback . New DVD's I usually work between Amazon , Tesco Direct , Fox Direct shop on Ebay , Zoom shop on Ebay , and Network on Air ( old TV shows and movies ) . Sure other people will have different websites they use .
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Piratebay. Haven't bought a DVD in a long while.
Cheers for your answers, looks best to avoid!

1854 it's for presents but doesn't have to be new, will check out, thanks
I purchased two bridget jones baby dvds, I paid by PayPal never got dvds but they took the money. I've tried to contact them but they don't reply, so I've hade to open a dispute to get money back.
Never order from DVD Monkey totally fake site. My account was debited immediately but DVD never arrived and order to this day states processing.Luckily I paid via PayPal so received refund. Total scumbags
Total rip off merchants. Take your money and that's about it. No correspondence.. No dvds.
All reviews I have seen are equally as negative as mine. Pass the word around!
AVOID DVD-ROCKSTAR IT'S A SCAM. I too have recently ordered through dvd-rockstar which i believe is another cover for their previous venture dvdmonkeys. No communication from them after 10 days so I've raised an PayPal dispute. don't fall for it, should have looked it up before i went ahead and ordered.
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