Has anyone ever decorated a dolls house?

    I'm decorating a dolls house for my daughters birthday in 4 weeks, I've started painting all the furniture with the tester paint pots and wondered if it would be ok to cover in varnish as I can see the paint chipping really easily. She's going to be 3 years old so I obv want it to be safe for her.
    Appreciate any advice, cheers


    You can get varnish from B&Q etc thats safe for that sort of thing, i used it when i did the nippers cot. Just look at the label.

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    Like non toxic paint? Thanks Ill check it out

    Yeah same sort of thing but they do it in varnish as well, the stuff i got had a picture of toys etc on it.


    No. I couldn't find my ladders :-\

    Look for wallpaper samples. It make lovely 'carpet'.

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    Look for wallpaper samples. It make lovely 'carpet'.

    We took lots for the walls :-D
    Bought some dolls house carpets for some rooms and took some mosaic tiled wallpaper samples for the kitchen and bathroom lol
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