has anyone ever got anything from this site

    i have seen a bike on this site that would be quite nice as its cheap and what i need i was just wondering if i give them the money i wont get the bike.

    any help would be grate

    thanks in advance


    Moved to misc, the feedback forum is for HUKD issues

    Looks iffy to me, a brand new Honda CBF600 for 847 euro's? Not a chance

    They cannot even spell their own web site name correctly.

    Where you get to choose Dollars or Euro they spell the site name wrong.

    Also on the shipping page it says the following (in very bad english)

    FRIENDS FROM USA or CANADA or WESTERN EUROPE ATTENT : We clear your custom well and you will never worry about your custom problem .

    Becuase of many frauder guys (They are really curs who distroy our reputation) on internet, we sometimes feel sorrow many clients would rather to find "LOWEST" price and dont have confidence in us .

    under the payments section it states all the forms of payment they accept,this is for paypal........
    Dear friend:
    Because using the payment of PAYPAL lasts for a long time, the products on on our webs were cheated to take is excessive.A time just in the adjustment, during the period of adjustment temporary not accept the payment of PAYPAL.
    Thanks for your cooperation!

    This site is a scam lol

    im suprised u had to ask this matey, just look at the site, its awful and the sentences are constructed in such an awful way. The african scam emails are constructed better than this.

    Original Poster

    thanks pepes
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