Has anyone ever had a lost bear from BUILD A BEAR returned to them?

Found 21st Feb 2009
My daughter has lost her new bear from Build A Bear Workshop. When you have the bear stuffed in the shop they put a bar code in the body, the reason for this I believe is so that if you loose the bear the shop will post it back to you. Has anyone ever been reunited with their bear in this way?
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I doubt that's how the barcode works, sorry.
even if it was, the chances of getting that bear sent back to you are slim
I do believe that is the purpose of the barcode-my daughter has a few of em but if someone finds it likely they would keep it sadly or if handed into another shop as lost property doubt they would do anything other than put it in the lost property cupboard.
Thanks for confirming my understanding. Didn't give it much thought until just now but yes that is most likely what would happen. It will be interesting to find out if anyone has ever been reunited!
Hope someone hands it in or whatever, but likelihood is that you prob wont see it again
The barcode part is correct, but the thing is i dont think that if someone found a build a bear , they woould actually go to BABW and hand it in. Sorry about the build a bear
My picture is a build a bear! i got this for xmas

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