Has anyone ever had no money on them going over the Severn Toll Bridge?


    Just wondering if anyone has ever got to the Toll booths only to find that they'd forgot their wallet or not had any money in it?

    I'm asking as it happened to me yesterday and was told I'd have to go to Avonmouth and use the cashpoint at the railway station and the come back!

    Fair enough I admit I should have checked to see if I had any cash in my wallet before getting there but I would have thought they had some kind of system in place to bill the driver in cases like this or more serious emergencies. Thankfully I didn't have to be anywhere at a particular time but I guess I'm not the only one that it happened to on that day as the woman at the kiosk said "we've got another turnaround" over the radio, then they had to close off the traffic and get me to follow a Land Rover to get on to the other side of the carriageway (over a bridge - not across all lanes of the motorway). It just seems like such an inconvenience for the other motorists, and a waste of fuel to do the 30 miles round trip plus the added exhaust emissions. :x

    I've been using the bridge for around four years since moving to Wales and this is the first time I forgot to have some cash on me. I usually have some in the car for parking etc but not this time.

    The other thing which irks me is that the attendant seemed to reeling off a well-drilled spiel about whether I'd seen the many signs which say "CASH ONLY" which I obviously had for the last four years and then went on to say "we also accept foreign currencies and cheques". As my little protest now I'm going to pay only with cheques ;-) . I don't see why they couldn't bill me and perhaps add a little to cover their inconvenience or even have one of those cash points which charge an extortionate £1.75 or whatever as it still beats 30 miles and half an hour extra on to the journey.

    So I before I write to "customer" services I was wondering whether anyone else had to turn back to Avonmouth to withdraw some money?


    I've been close a few time at the Mersey tunnel. I did ask for a VAT receipt once and was told they don't give them. I thought that if you asked for one, by law they had to provide a VAT receipt. Maybe you could try this at the bridge toll, just to P them off ;-)

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    Good idea, anything which peeves them off is a mini victory for me!! but unfortunately they've always got VAT receipts, darn

    try and pay in "pennys" and i also heard heating the coins up using your cigerette lighter is a good one!

    they did this in australia i think it was when they raised the toll fair for the bridge and everyone did this kind of stuff, needless to say the toll price came down because the amount of cars comming through was reduced because it took an age to count all the crappy coins etc
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