Has anyone ever seen Boots.com stuff that has 'stock coming soon' ever come back into stock?

Found 9th Dec 2013
I notice a lot of stuff on their website that says 'stock coming soon' but I never seem to see any of it come back into stock. I once checked on an item everyday for 3 weeks and gave up after that. Me definition of soon is less than 3 weeks....anyone else??
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Hmm you seem to be in a pickle! My advice would be to simply google the product you want and buy it somewhere else!
Yes, I ordered a lot of toys this year via there 3 for 2 - most of it was OOS at any one time but I managed to get everything I wanted. I'd suggest you try checking at a different time of day. Most of my items were added in the wee hours of the morning and were OOS again by 9am.

It helps that I work nights so checking at 3am isn't an issue for me.
yes I have but a few years ago
Thanks for your answers. I was just curious really. I am often awake in the wee hours so that's when I normally check. I do end up sourcing from elsewhere I just kept checking this particular product to see how long it would take as to me stock coming soon is not in a few weeks time.Doesn't really help to manage customer expectation I don't think.
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