Has anyone ever taken their own child car seat on holiday to the USA?

    Off to Florida in May and wondered whether i can take my daughters hi-back booster rather than hire one with the car?
    When we went in 2008 she was 2yrs old and was squeezed into a child seat that was supposed to be for up to 4yrs old, she is not quite 4 yet but there is no way she would get in that seat again. I thought it would be easier to take our own and at least then i would be happy she was in the correct seat for her age... i'm not sure though whether she needs a 3 point harness up to the age of 4 in the US, all the info on the net is sooo confusing and varies from site to site... Help please.
    Rep for any help,



    i would imagine that a booster would be fine and could be bought cheaper than hired or taken. but then i guess you'll need it straight away so may not be a good idea. i know a friend who went to florida with a 3yr old and they just bought a booster out there, they brought it back too


    Good idea, take the seat, leave the kid at home:thumbsup:

    Yeah i took mine on holiday to the US, we had a cracking time, was a bit cumbersome sometimes carrying it around , but at least i could just stop and put the seat down and relax for a few minutes.. Only downside was it didn't respond to any conversation,.. But still, Thinking of taking it again next year..

    are you picking up a car at the airport? if so you really need to take a booster as the car hire companies rip you off (IMO). Our son was 4 and our daughter was 6 when we went last year we took two boosters which fitted into our luggage on the way there. Make sure you put them at the top as you will need to get them out quite quickly. Although we overloaded on the way back so carried them all the way home (bit of a nuisance). A few years ago we paid for a booster then bought the most fantastic car seat in the first couple of days. The car hire company refunded our account when we took the car seat back and this refund was more than the new seat had cost us. A word of warning their car seats are very poor sometimes there is little/no/dirty padding. Have fun!!

    I took my car seat, didnt have any problems, took both a full sized one and a booster last April

    we took car seat and 2 boosters this year
    always do

    Drive to nearest US ToysRus and buy one, then take the hire one back.

    Yes, we have done this as well as the other option of getting one when we are out there. We had a lot of problems with hired seats in the past so have avoided those since.

    My kids are a bit older now and only the youngest needed a seat last year but he was 4 at the time. We took a booster seat with us and one of those seat belt adaptors like this one ]http//ww…J28 which was fine for the drive from the airport. We had the booster already and it was cheaper than getting a hire seat up front - but we bought a proper seat from Walmart on day one of our trip (it was probably less than $30 - maybe even less than $20).

    We planned on bringing the seat back with us but had to sacrifice it to cover the other bargains we had got out there!

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    Thanks everyone rep left.

    I have checked Virgin Atlantics website and found the following:

    Passengers travelling with children or infants, will be entitled to take one fully collapsible pushchair or a car seat in addition to their free checked baggage allowance.

    So i will definately be taking her own seat now, less hassle and at least i know it's the right one for her size etc.
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