Has anyone ever used a company called amoma.com for booking hotels?

Found 14th Jun 2015
Have booked a hotel in London via Trivago and they directed me to a company called amoma.com to complete the booking. I was a bit stupid and assumed as they are a big company, Trivago would only direct you to reputable sites. However, I have since read reviews of people not having any booking when they turn up at the hotel after booking through amoma.com. Has anybody ever used these before?
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yes and it was genuine

yes and it was genuine

Thanks. Been panicking that I was stupid to be so quick taking such a good deal. Hopefully the bad reviews I have read are not common experiences
Did exactly the same myself - also in London. Checked with the hotel to confirm my booking I was that unsure. Needn't have bothered - no probs at all.I've also booked with them again. I understand that Amoma is a new kid on the block so to speak - Swiss based. One thing I did notice was that the really cheap room offer can disappear while you're in the process of booking and you end up being offered a more expensive one. Possibly coincidence, possibly not but watch out for this nevertheless
Thanks for the responses. I have e-mailed the hotel to confirm as suggested. Amoma say in their FAQ hotels sometimes don't get confirmation until a few days before the booking, which sounded a bit strange to me. Fingers crossed all is ok.
Booked a hotel in Pattaya when stopping with relatives in Thailand, and it turned out to be a great hotel at a bargain price - no problems with using this company at all. The booking was smooth and the staff had all our details on arrival.
Used them April 2017 then looked at reviews and panicked. Checked them out with Credit Card company who verified they were not a scam company. Hotel confirmed my booking after 24 hours and no problems with payment during stay. My experience wholly positive.
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