Has anyone ever used AQA 63336??

    Some of the answers they give are brilliant!! Anyone got any good examples of what they have asked?


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    Sorry, for anyone who doesnt know what I am on about, it is a text service where you can text them any question and they will reply with an answer. Think it costs £1 per text but it can be very useful. Train times etc.

    The gave some free goes once and I asked how many combined hours per week are spent on the internet by the world. It took ages to get a reply, but they'd had a really good go at finding it out... they apologised for not knowing an exact answer but tried to find the average number of hours people use the internet and the number of people connected to the net lol.

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    Yea, they still do...


    I used a free question once, asked when the french summer school holidays ended. Got the right answer and went to a quiet Disneyland Paris :-D
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