Has anyone ever used http://www.slapiton.tv/ ?

Posted 19th Oct 2009
I was wondering if someone could tell me if this site was ok or dodgy please?

I'm looking for some Acqua Di Parma and this seems to be by far the cheapest but as I have never heard of the site I thought I would all on the expert advice you guys give out!
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]Reviews here (mixed), if in doubt just put the name of the site and review into google, easy.
Thanks Greg
Yes, we gat some Elizabeth Arden flawless finish at what seemed a great price. One pack came with a message that as it was not a real popular tone, they would order the second one and send it a.s.a.p. The payment was not taken until it arrived so all was well. It was a couple of weeks coming but all okay.
Ordered some perfume on the 18th October and now the 27th October and nothing has arrived or any emails other than first to say I had ordered it. I emailed them this morning but it is now 5.45pm and again, I have heard nothing. At the same time I ordered perfume gifts from FeelUnique and they arrived ages ago. If the goods do arrive I would only ever order if I didn't mind a long wait....but not impressed so far. I have not come across this website before and I'm not beginning to feel suspicious because of the lack of customer service/communication.
it seems its a trait of '' slapiton ''' they take your order and money and do not send the goods, i am still waiting after 15 days for my order, i have rang them twice and i was given a different story every time !! their customer communications could do with improving.
They've sent me a comletely incorrect order and you can't reach them by phone to sort it out and they're not responding to e-mails. My advice is to not use this retailer.
Ordered the product on the 31st August, by the 9th September the product had not arrived. I contacted Slapiton by email and was advised the product would be dispatched by the end of the week. 23rd September still no product, no email so I have cancelled the order. Usually order aftershave online and have had no problem, previously used companies such as cheap smells and fragrance direct, would never order a product from Slapiton!!!
I ordered a lipstick from slapiton.tv. 10 days later they sent me a lip pencil and not the lipstick. After contacting them by telephone and several emails, they said they would refund my money. This has still not happened and I have had to contact my credit card company. I would NEVER use slapiton.tv ever again!
3 weeks after ordering still no delivery, they don't answer their phone and email promises but no goods! After reading other reviews it seems they've been doing this for years and have not improved! Steer clear!
Hiya I was wondering how you cancelled the order from slapiton?
I have exactly the same experience (bad) as other people (see this site for more reviews: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.slapiton.tv). I ordered my perfume in March. I got ANOTHER perfume than the one I ordered. I have contacted them several times since then and it´s almost June and I haven´t got my order yet - I´ve been waiting for it for more than 2 months. They stopped replying to my emails. NEVER ORDER FROM THIS SITE, it will save a lot of time and money.
Do not recommend this shop to anyone. Took them for 2 weeks to post my order to me. I ordered it online. When I realized I will not receive it on time, asked them to cancel my order, but they said it has been posted already but it was not as they sent me another email a week later that it has been dispatched. I have been told to refuse it and send it back for free postage but I was not at home at the time the postman came and unlucky me he left it in the neighborhood, so it is cost me an additional £8.60 to send it back. I did not feel it was fair, as it was not my fault I have not been at home at that time. Plus, I asked them before they dispatched the item, not to do so but they have done it anyway??? On a scale from 1 to 10, I would give them a minus 1. Very disappointed.
This is a dreadful company. I waited over six weeks for an order and in the meantime, my payment on Paypal expired after 30 days as per their policy. Slapiton then cancelled the order and asked me to re-order! I do not want to spend another 6 - 7 weeks waiting. Steer clear is my advice.
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