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Has anyone ever used www.spabreaks.com

Posted 5th Nov 2012
Just wondering if anyone has ever used spabreaks.com as I'm looking to book a spa break and I want to make sure it's legit etc.
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Hope it helps. I have never used before though.
I just brought a £159 spa day for the wife, the company seems legit and the hotel we paid for contacted us shortly afterwards to confirm booking and treatments etc, the hotel offer the same price for the same treatment so it may be worth cutting out the middle man for a better customer service, only thing we have found is that there is no refunds (surprise spa day a little unwanted but we are stuck with it)
Just found this, I would find the spa day you want and use them direct.

I got a free bottle of Prosecco when booking and a voucher for another booking worth asking what extra they'll do for you that the hotel won't do directly
I would NOT use this company. I booked a spa day for a friend and myself through Spabreaks.com at the Four Pillars Hotel, South Cerney. We both booked the day off work and arrived at the hotel to find that they had no knowledge of our booking. We were made to stand in an open reception area whilst they tried to sort this out with Spabreaks.com. We were asked to book another date on the spot (by Spabreaks.com), which we luckily managed to do. The venue were good considering the situation. On return home I emailed Spabreaks.com my complaint, they responded to say that it was the hotels fault. Based on what were told this seemed very unlikely! I have emailed 4 times since the initial response to my complaint and not even received a response. They said that they would respond within 28 days, as per ABTA guidance but they haven't. I don't know how to take this forward, as they just blamed the hotel with no explanation or an apology!
Do not use this company. I have spent £330 on a one night spa experience for my husband and I. We have had nothing but problems. One of their employees "Michael" was extremely abrupt with me saying, "That is fine and your opinion!" when I expressed how dissatisfied I was with the service. He then hung up on me. I would never use them again!
We booked a simple 3-hour spa deal with them and had a very bad experience with the booking. First of all it took several attempts, calls and emails with spabreaks until finally our booking for a specific day with the spa was confirmed. But when we arrived there they had no record of our booking. It turned out the price was also not different from booking directly with the spa so we could have saved ourselves all the trouble. And because of the totally not professional handling of this booking we will never use spabreaks again.
I would strongly advise against using this company!
I was given a voucher for my birthday, rang to book the spa day, really struggled with availability, and then at the end of the process was told that unfortunately the price had gone up and I had to pay the difference. I was within the dates on the voucher and the booking was mid week so there is no explanation. When I challenged this I was told in the small print it says that the price can be changed at any time.
What that means is the voucher is not for the experience, rather its just for an amount of money, so not a great thing to give someone.
Awful experience. Took me half a day of trying to get the spa package booked and I was told that the venue was not answering the phone. I got soo frustrated that I rang the venue myself got and got through very quickly. It would have been easier for me to have made the booking myself, but for the voucher.And and the price was the same as spa breaks "special offer" In the end I gave the customer advisor the telephone number I used to contact to contact the venue snd make yhe booking. What a waste of time. There is certainly no benefit in purchasing spa break vouchers.
I feel very strongly about sharing with others my complete disappointment and disgust with spabreaks.com. Without a doubt the most appalling customer service I have ever experienced and quite frankly never wish to experience again!

In May I booked a spa day for my sisters hen do for 15 people, but 2 weeks before the hen do, I decided to call the spa directly just to check everything was OK.....lucky I did! Turns out that the booking, despite being paid in full and receiving final booking confirmation, had not actually been made!

I rang spabreaks.com immediately to try and find out why the error had been made and what was going to be done to rectify the issue. Finding a spa with 15 spaces at 2 weeks notice for the same cost was going to prove very difficult!

I called on a Sunday and spoke to a very nice man who informed me I would have a call back that same day....there was no call back.
I called on the Monday, spoke to the same person, was then passed to another person who said that they would definitely call me back that day. There was no call back.
On the Tuesday, I spoke to the original person I had spoken to on the Sunday and said it was completely unacceptable that no one had even bothered to call me back and that now I needed to speak with the manager as I was running out of time to re-book elsewhere. Again, I was assured the manager would call me back the same day......there was no call back from the manager!
I called again on the Wednesday, spoke to someone completely different this time and said I would wait on the line until the manager was available to speak. The manager was no where to be found and I was told she would 100% call me back today. Of course this didn't happen!
It got to Thursday and as you can imagine with no call back or solution at all I was feeling extremely stressed that my sisters hen do would potentially be ruined. I had my partner call instead as he was able to hold the line during his work hours. So he insisted he would stay on the line and he finally spoke to the manager. We were promised something would be sorted and that we would get a confirmation email. There was no confirmation email that day, or the next, so again my partner called on Friday and again was unable to get hold of the manager!

Throughout the whole week, the only way we could get any visibility was by calling the spa directly - the spa were absolutely amazing at helping to reorganise things and put spabreaks.com to shame.

Spabreaks.com did not give any real apology, nor was a refund offered at any point. The staff were all very friendly and I do want to say that dealing with the staff at spabreaks.com was not the stressful part. It was the lack of response which was highly frustrating, stressful and quite frankly appalling customer service.

Finally I did receive an email from the manager, again no real apology but instead a kind gesture of a gift in the post.......which never arrived!

Unfortunately I would never recommend anyone to use spabreaks.com due to this dreadful experience. Sadly, I have heard several similar accounts off the back of this booking, further reinforcing why I would never book with them again.

A huge disappointment.
hi , recently booked a spa day for my wife,s birthday initially everything was fine and spa breaks took money out of our account almost straight away i was told i would receive an email confirming my booking within the hour, it never came, i rang the company at 19.45 the next night only to be welcomed by a message saying that all of the operators were busy and i promptly left a message to which no one replied. It was now wednesday morning the day of our spa break and i had booked the day off work i emailed the company again in the morning explaining that i was sat waiting at home for a confirmation before i would travel the 34 miles to the spa hotel which i had booked no reply, i then rang the hotel directly and after waiting for about 30 seconds for a reply put the phone down i then rang an alternative number for the hotel and this time someone answered i asked to be put through to the spa reception then waited a further minute or so and no reply. I then rang spa breaks and was told that my break had been booked and to travel to the hotel and all would be ok, then i was told that the times of the two treatments we had booked had been changed from 15.30 to 16.30 without any prior notification or agreement. We travelled almost an hour to the hotel and were told that the sauna was out of order, we then proceeded to get changed and try to enjoy what was left of the facilities, then we found that the ice room was under maintainence so we could not use it, so we went in the steam room which after sitting for about twenty minutes barely changed temperature, we then went for a dip in the pool and found it to be cold it must have been on the minimum heat setting. We then led on the loungers for ten minutes and decided to get changed and cut our losses and go and have a look around the town we had to do this to bide time before our treatments which were still some three hours away. The hot stone massage was good and we both enjoyed it but all in all a disaster of a day. We spoke to the spa manager and expressed our concerns about the whole event and he assured us that he would speak to spa breaks directly and would ring me back the following day.
It is now four days later and i have not received a call or email form the hotel spa manager or spa breaks. make your own mind up from this review if you wish, Maybe we were unlucky but i will not be using this company again nor the hotel in question.
Spa break? More like a head ache.
Never received confirmation email from them refused to send it had to pay an additional 25 pound for confirmation although I had already paid £150 for spa day.
Very rude and u helpful consultants with attitude.
Complaints are not dealt with efficiently
I would just book direct scheming company put to get extra money and do not value customers
I am having a terrible time trying to book anything through this company. It is so frustrating when I can get through to the hotel I want to book this spa day with straight away. They tell me I have to book via spa breaks.com but I've tried so many times over the last two weeks I'm on the verge of giving up. Do the spas actually pay spa breaks for running such a shoddy service? They don't follow up on e-mails, can't give you an answer over the phone. The whole business is a complete waste of time.
Recieved a Spa breaks voucher , unable to contact company to book

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