Has anyone experienced this with Vodafone?

Found 3rd Sep 2010
Without my knowledge Vodafone placed international bars on my account.

Anyways after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing they finally managed to take the bars off the account and gave me 20 quid 'for the hassle caused'.

However i am still unable to text Australia but can now text the US again. I am using the exact same number as before and i've checked with my friend and he is still receiving texts from the UK so the problems can't be there.
Also i was able to text all over in July when i was in Italy and i haven't changed any phone settings.

The only advice they give me now is to go to a Vodafone shop and ask them, which obviously costs me time and money to sort out a problem of their making.

Has anyone else experienced this and what happened?

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An international bars is either on or off, there are no bars for different area's, so if you can text the US the bar is off.

Can you receive texts from Australia ?
What, if any, error do you get?
Have you tried replying to a received text as well as composing new ones?
Texting from Italy you would have been using the Italian network rather than your home network, which might be a clue (as long as the issue with the bar had been resolved by then ?).

Its possible there's an error with your profile on the network server, although how that would allow you to text the US and not Oz I'm not sure.

You'd need to get CS to raise it with network support (who don't talk to customers) they can track text's as the pass through the network and see where they're going. If it's being passed off ok to the Oz network they can pass the issue to them to follow it through their servers to the other phone.

I just love the way Vodafone take payment whenever they want - its brilliant!

Original Poster

Hi Steve1221,
I figured that with the bar but they told me i had a couple of them on the account!?!
I can receive texts from Oz i just can't reply to them whichever way i try, when i try it sends it as normal but within a few seconds the report comes back with the timestamp and just says 'refused'.
I can't see why it's selective with which country i can text. I'm repeatedly replying to the CS e-mails from Vodafone, and apart from them starting to show some annoyance in their messages they seem to just be trying to wash their hands of it.
I will mention that about network support and see what they say.
Thanks for the advice.

This may sound funny but are you sure you have put the Australian international dialling code in (like uk is 0044)?

Also double check the number, there might be something wrong with it like a space in the wrong place or a wrong digit somewhere.

I've seen that 'refused' error before, but years ago and I can't remember the fix, sorry.

Have you changed phones?

If you have another Voda comparable handset try sending from that on the off chance its a problem with the phone.

If their saying you had 2 bars on that implies it's a network server issue. It should be impossible to put 2 of the same bar on any acc. They may have had to get network support to take them off and that may have created the current problem. Once you start messing with people profiles on the server you get end up with all kinds of unforeseen errors.

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I phoned the 191 number and mentioned about passing it on to Network Support.
The guy took all my details and dates of when i couldn't text anymore (as if i hadn't given them all may times in the last 2 months) and promised to have it checked and get back to me.
He also told me i still have a bar on one of the numbers on my account! After being repeatedly told they had been all taken off and it's still there. Granted it's not the number i use but my Dad's phone but maybe that was messing things up i don't know and haven't tried texting today due to the time difference.

I did use the phone i got with the contract for a while but went back to my old one, and was always able to text on both up until July so i just don't understand what happened.

Joking. But if i cancel the direct debit i'm sure they'd take notice then!!!

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2 months down the line and this is where we're at so far:
e-mail follow up (today) to my call to them yesterday.

Thanks for your patience over this matter.

I've investigated the details for you and assure you that there is no international calling bar active on the numbers.

I've also escalated the details to the technical team and they have advised to change SIM card and see if this sorts the issue for you.

The current SIM card is an old SIM card and needs to be replaced. Also, the SIM card is not updated on the network since 18th August 2010.

This is for the number ***********

I’ve sent you the replacement SIM card to your billing address. You’ll receive it in the next 5 working days.

Once you receive it, just send me the 20-digit SIM card number and I’ll activate it for you.

Each SIM card is marked with an identity number on the back starting with 8944.

Furthermore, there might be an issue with the recipient network in Australia. There are times wherein the overseas airtime agreement with the abroad network does not allows the services to be used.

If possible, you may check if other Vodafone user is able to send the text to the same number.

Please get back to me with the confirmation email.

Once I get this, I'll investigate the matter for you.

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still waiting for the sim card!!

I find the best way to get Vodafone technical support is to use their forums, it's not as quick as over the phone but the staff on the forum are far more clued up than those on the phone, the forum is here:


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