Has anyone ghosted a drive to a usb drive?

    So.. ive bought a 320gb sta drive for me ps3 and so i want to take the 60gb out of my PS3and use it on my laptop..

    Has anyone done this type of thing before? What software is recommended?

    Ive got a Sumvision usb caddy for my ps3 hard drive..



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    I've never done it to a USB drive before, only a separate internal drive and I used Norton Ghost with no probs at all.
    Can't think there would be any problems with a USB drive though.


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    thanks, so once its ghosted you can just stick it in as if it were the original drive?

    Yes, I believe that is one of the ways it works.
    I haven't needed to test mine in anger at all....yet.
    What I did do though, was to do a fresh install, make a ghost image of the drive, then I installed a load of programs and do lots of changes. I then deleted stuff all over the place but not enough to stop windows working.
    I then did a full restore and hey presto, everything was back just like it was a fresh install.
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