Has anyone got a Nokia 8800 arte?

    If you could do me a favour?

    I wanted to ask how can I know if it is original? Should it say Made in Korea or Made in Finland?

    and any other tips on how I can ensure it is original?



    made in finland. do a *#war0anty# or *#0000# to see software version including nokia version

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the reply mate

    But I've been told the Korea version is the real one? However does make sense if Finland as this is where Nokia phones are usually made?

    hmmm - i have approx 10 nokia phones in the house - old and new - all say made in finland on them. (after a quick look)
    made in korea just sounds fake to me but i cud be wrong.

    made in korea FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also on the arte if i'm correct (if i'm wrong correct me), when you slide it up, look at the back where the camera is, it should have nokia embossed very faintly.......if not its a fake.

    made in korea is not fake. arte is made in korea - i have a sapphire which is made in korea and i have just registered the phone with nokia and spoken to the careline people who verified it is original.

    when people say with regards to the arte series "made in finland assembled in china" that is the fake one.

    only 1 that states it made in korea is genuine and has to have a golf game called golf tour on it.
    hope it helps IF YOU NEED MORE INFO PLS ASK.

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