Has anyone got a SAMSUNG ecobubble™ WF80F5E2W4W Washing Machine?

Found 27th Dec 2013

I am on the look out for anew washing machine. The top best buy according to Which is the SAMSUNG ecobubble™ WF80F5E2W4W Washing Machine. I am just wondering if anyone has one and what they think of it?
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We bought the Samsung Ecobubble WD0804W8E Washer Dryer about a month ago to replace a Hotpoint Aquarius model that was ~7 years old, I know this is a washer dryer but on the washing front the specs seem similar.

It is much quieter than our old one, it requires less washing powder and looks good.

The clothes come out clean (well it wouldn't be a very good washing machine if it didn't manage this) however the only issue we've found is the final spin on a full load doesn't always get them as 'dry' as we would have had on the old machine but its nothing a second spin setting can't cure.

On our dryer model there were comments that it is slightly deeper than the 60.0cm they list, this is true I would put it closer to a 61cm depth, so check you have enough space if you want fully flush fitting, once we had fitted it we have about 0.5cm sticking out, thought we would hate it but now we don't really care that it sticks out.

On ours Samsung were offering an extra 3 year warranty, our retailer (ao.com) didn't mention anywhere on the website but the model was listed on the Samsung website and they accepted our registration without any issues.
I was looking at one of these washer dryers this week but was put off by the reviews (can't remember if the reviews were john Lewis or curries) so might be worth a look at these before parting with your cash. On the upside some come with 5 year guarantee.....but that's not much use if it never works
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