has anyone got a Samsung Galaxy or a LG InTouch Max, Android phone

    any advice will help cheers

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    Got an LG GW 620 Intouch Max last week at TMobile instore!

    Great deal especially with Unlimited Landline Calls Booster.
    (Effectively an Unlmited Calls Package if your calls are mainly to landlines.
    300 xnet mins and 300 texts included as standard for 15 Pounds (24 months)
    Also Unlimited Internet included as standard (Google Android Phone).
    Store thinks this is at least 3GB worth.
    (Equivalent to Old Web & Walk Plus tariff that used to cost an additional 12.50 on its own !
    Think this is presently unbeatable !

    Phone looks great.
    All Black but attracts fingerprints !
    (Invisible Shield should do the trick)
    Not too thick despite full 5 row QWERTY Sliding keyboard !
    Internet fairly quick with capability of opening 4 Browswer Windows simultaneously.

    Unfortunately I have had issues of signal dropping with this handset.
    (Have very thick walled warehouses around my location !).
    Internet has frozen phone completely on some occasions !
    Am still getting used to Android but LG interface easy to use.
    Also had some unexplained outgoing calls (unexplained keypresses) from pocket.
    Fortunatley I have unlimited Landline calls option so no charge.
    Frankly touchscreen on my handset seems supersensitive than one I demoed instore.

    Have already informed the Store that I will be be bringing it in for a possible exchange.
    Will keep updated.

    All in all a very good deal and hope replacement works well.
    Would advise buying instore as this is a new handset that may have teething issues !

    Got a very knowledgable sales guy who worked a great deal about 20pounds cheaper than if I had used Online or Quidco.

    P.S> PM me for an extra 25 Pounds of Shopping vouchers (RAF) and I can find out if the same handset reductions can be worked for you locally !

    Hope this helps!

    Cheers !
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