has anyone got a spare or not wanted copy

    Hi all you kind people

    I couldn't get hold of a copy of the sun last Wednesday as my shop ran out!

    I am looking for the pull-out section with all the info on, NOT any tokens booking forms ect.

    can anyone help me out, may be you have finished with your copy or you got two papers?

    many thanks


    ill have a look in the recycling. did you want the whole paper?

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    ill have a look in the recycling. did you want the whole paper?

    Thanks, only the pullout section about the holidays.:)

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    Does this … Does this help:-

    Thanks but i have that already, according to the bloke as the customer services at The Sun, the details about facility at each park ie the key and little symbols showing what accommodation and stuff is on them is only in the pull out section.

    I have been told by eurocamp today by a extremely rude woman that im getting a tent, as i couldn't see what accommodation it was on the park I booked, i have spent most of the day being hung up to via the sun but after speaking to a man this afternoon he has told me im getting a caravan according to the key code next to the park, but im stressing as i dont have a paper to see for myself.

    Im worried that im going to be stuffed into a tent of which im not too posh for but due to some medical reasons i need to have some amenity's of my own and also a standard bed.

    I'm now confused as i don't know who to believe, and so the supplement would really help me out.

    Ive just checked the recycling and no joy. It was still in the toilet! Pm me youre address and ill post it in the morning!

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    thanks ever so much Lee arrived today, and now im happy to say the code is for a caravan and not a tent, so hopefully if we get the holiday we wont have to take this up with the eurocamp park.

    rep left for you kindness and help

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