Has anyone got Adam lambert's album?

    I've heard one of his songs on the radio:- what do you want from me
    I just wondered if it was a decent album, anyone got it?


    I have yes. If you like a bit of Glam/Pop Rock you should like it.

    I've been a fan for around 18 months now, so I have the Album, and it is a fantastic album considering it was made in three months while he was touring with the American Idols tour, I would not usually look twice at anyone from a talent show, but Adam is the exception to many rules. He really can sing any genre, and he hat taken full advantage of that as the Album includes emotional ballads like Whataya want from me incidentally written by Pink, as well as sexy dance tunes like Fever (Lady Gaga) and For your Entertainment, as well as several tunes he wrote himself such as the brilliant Broken Open, atmospheric, sexy and emotional, Strut, another fun dance tune, Aftermath, a soft rock ballad that, becomes even more potent when he sings it unplugged on his current sellout Glamnation Tour. There are 18 tunes on the UK Deluxe version of the Album and not a filler among them.
    Not only that, but he is a fantastic live performer and well worth searching utube for videos of his tour of which there are thousands out there to choose from, the songs usually turning out even better live than on the record.

    Whataya Want from me Unplugged at Washington DC
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