Has anyone got any adicolour trainers

    i have been everywhere and cant find the plain ones that comes with pens,

    am i right in thinking they do a plain pair that you can style your self or was i dreaming lol

    does anyone no where to buy these either online or in the london area



    you tried Adidas store in London? If they don't have them at least they could confirm they exist?


    my mates got a pair of goofy one's brand new, u wouln't happen to be size 7 now would u?

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    na m8 im a size 11, yea i can find the goofy ones and the kermit ones but i cant find a shop that sell the plain ones and the pen's, i no the pens exist as there on ebay and there are some in the '' for sale '' section on here

    Could ask these-

    They seem to sell the adidas pens separately on the site, might be able to sort you out with the trainers. The bloke in the store really knows his trainers- a complete trainer geek.

    i know they do plain ones with different colour stripes that you can fit. they are currently selling them at JD sports

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    out of stock


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    dont have my size in the one's i like + the site looks very shifty, the ones i liek are limited to 25,000 pairs and considering the £ to the $ they seem to cheap
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