has anyone got any idea about publishing

    now i dont know if you all know but my two children have feeding tubes and for my daughter starting school i have made a booklet on how to syringe feed her and how to sort any problems out, it is very straight forward with lots of pictures, not very professional i might add but works wonders. now a few people have said i should copy right it but i have no idea how.

    i am more than willing to give it to the hospital to use as a resourse but apparently it needs publishing. is this true.

    id send it to people to read but the file is so big i dont think ti will send, i think i should have made the pictures smaller.

    thanks in advance


    my mother in law has just had a children's book published which is going to be released on amazon in the next few months, i don't know who her publisher is but can find out some details tomorrow if you like?

    Try this…mkQ

    There are several sites that let you publish your work for free and help you sell your finished book.

    Good luck with it all.

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    cheer that would be fab. and choc yet again thank you


    A mate of mine I work with has written a couple of kids books and had them published. He's not made any money on them AFAIK. But they are nicely illustrated.

    I wrote a ]little website to help him promote it, but he didnt take me up on it!

    But it is available to purchase from amazon etc.

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    thats fab hun.

    good idea jj
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